Opinion Makers and Their Imaginary Tales

A few days back, I was sitting in front of my laptop, when someone shared an e-tribune article named “Capitain Elite” on my face book page. It was written by Saroop Ijaz who is a lawyer by profession but wrote this article as an opinion maker in this highly enlightened newspaper. The writer in his whole article discussed Imran Khan and his politics but unfortunately after going through the article, I found it everything except any reality about Imran Khan or his politics. Here is the link to his article:

It was shocking to say the least that how can an article be published in a renowned newspaper without authenticating the things that he has written in his article has any truth in it or not. Where these so called analysts have every right to make their own opinions about an event ,statement or a policy, what they cant do is to ignore events, fabricate statements and skip mentioning the policies.

I’m not some fancy Lawyer like him who can get my article published in e-tribune using my PR so I‘ll simply write a detailed reply in simple words but with each and every word based on truth. I’ll be providing links to statements, authentic reports and events that will not only prove how wrong the writer is in his article but also may result in letting him know A,B and C of the party he has written a whole article about.

The writer starts by agreeing to Imran Khan’s stance on independent judiciary, end of corruption etc but believe that he hasn’t got any plan to achieve these goals. The writer never bothered to see that PTI has already announced its plan where the top 3 priorities are education emergency, end of corruption and restoring peace in country. The methodology to achieve these and other goals are also given. e.g to see an end to corruption, PTI plans to form an independent national accountability bureau headed by a non-controversial person acceptable to all parties and people. A few names that may get the position are Fakharudin G Ibrahim, Rtd justice Sayed -uz-Zaman Saddique, Rtd Air Marshal Asghar Khan etc.. This NAB will have an independent secretariat and will select its members independent of any govt say. Creating such an independent body can take care of corruption that takes place at top level making all powerful politicians, generals and bureaucrats stand accountable in front of them. When there will be accountability at top level, message will automatically be conveyed at lower level that crime doesn’t pay. Implementing Rule of Law just requires honesty and not even his enemies doubt his honesty. Similarly plans for all other things have also been announced but the writer never bothered to have a look at them.

The writer then finds it in appropriable that many of Imran Khan supporters think that he should get a chance because others are simply hopeless and their corruption have destroyed Pakistan. The writer thinks that countries cant be given on test runs. .I fail to understand what the writer means here. Does he mean that we should continue giving chances to those who have looted and destroyed this country? Does he mean that Zardari and Nawaz should be given an unlimited run to rule over us because they have experience of ruling? Also when they die ,we should bring their next generation into power because at least their parents have been in govt.. There has to be the first time for everyone. Liaqat Ali Khan didn’t have any prior experience of premiership when he took over the office of PM. When people talk about giving Imran Khan a chance they say it considering his track record. He made us proud when he was a cricketer. He made Pakistani cricket team the best team when he was the Captain. He wasn’t a healthcare professional but he made SKMT with the help of people ,which by far is the best institution in Pakistan right now. He isn’t the educationist but he made Namal University in Mianwali affiliated with Bradford university. This was again possible with help of people, so whats wrong when people feel that with their help he can make Pakistan prosperous once he gets the PM role. To govern a country isn’t rocket science, all u need is honest skilled professionals at the top of institutions.

This brings us to the team that PTI has.If the writer calls people like Babar Awan and Rana Sanaullah as team then yes this he doesn’t have but if by team he means sincere, honest and ideological people the PTI is the only party that has these required traits.. Dr.Arif Alvi, Rtd Justice Wajeehudin, Hamid Khan, Dr Sheeren Mazari, Rustum Shah ,Dr Farid Malik, Dr Hamayun Mohmand, Rtd Adm Javed Iqbal, etc are just a few names out of many.PTI has 15 spokespersons in different fields that have already prepared detailed programmes in their respective fields with the help of Insaf Research Wing.here is link to spokespersons names with their profiles:


The writer then claims something that even PTI opponent parties have stopped saying that PTI supporters are just on facebook.What does he mean by saying this??Does he mean that these people who are on facebook dont actually exist in this world??If somebosy is on facebook,he is also found in real world too.He may be a sudent or a professional and must be doing somethng in his life and thus is part of the people on ground.If the writer meant by saying that PTI doesnt have street power then this is more of a joke as PTI is the only party right now who has shown its strength on roads..Imran Khan has traveled all parts of Pakistan whether it be villages or cities..He had toured whole of KPK,SINDH,PUNJAB and even BALOCHISTAN in last 2 yrs.. The attendance of people in these protests is not hidden from anyone. The way people participated in PTI protests have shown that they are present on ground too and is perhaps more popular than any other party right now..
Links to a few of these protests in 2011 are:

In Peshawar:

In Karachi:

In Quetta:


In Faisalabad;
Largest ever by any political party in last 20 yrs

In Islamabad(in front of Parliament):
About 35k people attended..

The writer seems so confused that at one point he is saying that PTI is just on facebook and then he starts saying that the reason of PTI popularity is because its backed by military.Now can the writer tell me how can be a party just on facebook and still being backed by military?Does he mean that our Generals are sitting all day on facebook making fake profiles voting for PTI??Infact its an article where the writer is just towing the line of false propaganda by PTI’s rival political parties.Anybody having known the events and PTI’s stance on it can see that it has no truth in it.Let me just prove him wrong by arguments and Stance of PTI on different matters.

The two recent surveys ,PEW and YOUGOV have declared Imran khan as the most popular leader in Pakistan. Where YOUGOV was done online ,PEW was done on ground in both Urban and rural areas which also tells that writer is so wrong when he declares PTI a party of Urban youth only. These two opinion polls also show that Imran Khan is genuinely popular and its not some military backed popularity. Can the writer explain how military can influence opinion polls of which one was carried by Cambridge University and the other by PEW research center??

Lets just analyze what Imran Khan’s stance has been on army related issues of past and present.
–Imran Khan feels that our army was one of the culprits in losing East Pakistan as the military operation conducted by armed forces resulted in bangalis turn against us.
–Imran is the biggest critic of Afghan war of 1988 carried by our military in collaboration with CIA. He believes that it produced militancy that led to further problems for pak.
–Imran’s stance on military operations remained constant .When Mushsarraf sent troops in Waziristan in 2004,IK was the one who criticized this move with full force.

Lets come to the latest events:
–On extension of Gen Kiyani, Imran was the only one who said that institutions are more important than individuals whereas Nawaz congratulated US ambassador for chosing Kiyani as general.
–On 2nd May incident Dr Sheeren Mazari was the first one who demanded resignation of Kiyani and Pasha on that incident.
–Kharotabad incident was exposed with the help of PTI Baluchistan and then Imran Khan in his Karachi Dharna questioned General Kiyani of why he is not taking any step against FC..wtch out the clip:


On murder of Saleem Shehzad,Imran khan appeared on Tv and said it openly that agencies may be involved in his murder..wtch the link …Can he be more clear than that??

–In all his speeches where he criticize Govt, he criticizes army too.Few journalists though tried to mislead people by saying that he doesn’t criticize army but such journalists got exposed for their false propaganda. Watch VERY IMPORTANT …This shows how few people in media try to mislead people.


The writer seems to be possessed by the Pml(N) funded propaganda. .Nawaz Sharif being the creation of ISI and a perfect example of test tube politician thinks that anybody who is getting popular is because of establishment.Unfortuantely Nawaz has always undermind the value of people’s support for a leader.No doubt Imran Khan is very popular within the soldiers of Pakistan Army and thats because Imran talks about Pakistan.The foot soldiers of army that are fighting somebody’s else war and losing their lives everyday do want to see a change in policy and like civilians,majority wants a patriotic and honest person like Imran Khan in power who can make decisions based on Home Made policy but how come this means Imran has establishment support with him??

Saying PTI a JI like party means that either the writer has never gone through PTI constitution or menifesto or else he thinks JI as a party being center to left. PTI is the only party that has made Jinnah’s 11th August speech to const. assembly as a cornerstone for its evolution and hasn’t restricted minorities to minority wings only. PTI spokesperson on defence matters is Rtd Brid Samson Sharf and he is there for his competency and not his religion. Similarly PTI’s stance on Afghan war is opposite to that of JI.PTI stand on Hadood and Women protection laws is completely opposite to that of JI’s. Having said that JI has respect within PTI for they too have honest leadership, is a democratic party and consist of people from middle class. However ideology of both parties don’t resemble a bit. I hope next time writer can write after doing a bit of research on the topic.

Similarly the writer then misleads the readers again by saying that Imran Khan ideas are in convergance with what Zaid Hamid says.This is perhaps something that even a 10 year old kid can tell that both have different stances on almost all issues.Zaid hamid supported operations on Lal Masjid,Baloch ppl and also in Swat and parts of Waziristan whereas Imran Khan has never ever supported any Military operation and have stressed upon the importance of table talks.Just quoting a few satements on lal masjid issue by both.


Imran was against military use as there were children and women inside and had the plan that Imran suggessted at that time was implemented,whole situation would have been in control without the loss of inncoent lives.


How sensible and correct Imran’s vision and policy was on lal masjid that in 2009 Lt Gen rtd Jamashaid Kiyani Exposes the reality of the Lal masjid operation and narrates the brutality that army did on the victims of Lal Masjid.He accepts that the best way to solve Lal Masjid was to cut down supply to these people and just keep them encircled.This is exactly what IK was suggessting at that time.


On other issues too Imran and Zaid Hamid has different thoughts altogether.Imran feels that a true democracy can bring a change in Pakistan whereas Zaid Hamid feels that Khilafah is the answer.Imran has never mentioned any plans of waging a war with India whereas Zaid Hamid advocates for adventorous steps.
The few things that I find common in their thoughts is that both think that Iqbal has left a great message for us and our youth should play a major role now to bring about a change in current system.Both advocates for a soveriegn Pakistan.These are probably a few points that they both agree upon but arent these the points that every Pakistani should agree??

The article of the writer would have been incomplete had he not brought Imran’s criticism on writer’s Makkah(west) into discussion. Since the start of war on terror Imran has been suggesting toisolate Talibans from Al-Qaida. Where Imran always said that Talibans is an embarrasment to Muslims because of their brand of Islam, he criticized US and Pak govts for the wrong way adopted towards WOT..wtch the link:


Throughout Imran has always criticized Talibans for their terrorist activities.He has called them barbarians but the writer doesn’t acknowledges this and rather said the same old propaganda term of Taliban apologist for him .


Sadly if only condemning could do the job ,Imran wouldn’t have presented the solution for this .From day one he has been saying that for 200 Al-Qaida don’t make whole tribal belt go against you. .With drone attacks you are just increasing militancy and radicalization. Even with public pressure in 2009 for military operations,Imran stood by his stance of negotiating with those who want to support you instead of terrorists.He believed that we should win over the our tribesmen towards us rather than pushing them towards the militants by killing their innocent children by drone attacks.He always said that separate Talibans from AL-Qaida and then take down terrorists after isolating them.


Time has proved how right he was. Today US has opted for this strategy for themselves. They are negotiating with Talibans and have even removed all Talibans Leaders names from terrorist lists..This is link of Hilary Clinton telling people of their strategy in 2011..


Isnt she saying the same what IK has been saying for yrs?? has she gone pro Taliban too??

He is an anti-war person .Where all parties in Karachi wanted military in Khi, Ik said instead of military if u genuinely wants things to get better u just need to depoliticize the police so that criminals of political parties don’t get away.
Similarly He has always raised voice for Baloch nationals. I don’t know from where the writer got the idea that he never spoke for them. He was the first one to criticize military actions against Baloch and warned of consequences similar to East Pakistan.


Imran Khan has always stressed upon finding solution for Balochistan and has always wanted to bring baloch Nationalists into main stream politcs encouraging them to go at national level.The writer alleges that Imran has never raised voice for Baloch Nationals whereas PTI was in allaince with these Baloch Nationalist parties in APDM.

The writer has also raised a point that imran exploits public prejudices and doesn’t give them his own vision. By saying this once again the writer has depicted how much biased his thinking is about IK that he has forgotten all things that were or even are not that popular but he still keeps focusing on them.. To start with he named a party Justice party and made Justice For All as his slogan. Justice is not a slogan that sells like Roti, Kapra aur Makan but in reality Justice is what the people need. Justice in all fields of life.
Imran Khan was the first one who said long before lawyers movement that Pakistani Judicary system needs to be revived and Pakistani courts are corrupt. His idea and vision of free courts was then taken up by lawyers .

In a pre-dominantly anti-Indian population, Imran has times and again criticized spread of militancy in name of Kashmir. Where he believes that Kashmir is the core issue between two govts and needs to be solved by active lobbying of Pakistani foreign office with world community, He disapproves of encouraging militancy in the name of Kashmir. Can writer has any explanation to this?? Is this a Popular view in Pakistan??

The problem with Pakistani so called liberals is that they don’t understand what liberals are known for.. Throughout the world anti-war and people who disapprove of military role in conflicts are considered as liberals and leftists. Noam Chomsky is considered to be the most leading leftist intellectual for his anti war and anti imperialism views.

What imran khan and his party PTI achieves in next elections is still not clear.However two things are clear. One PTI will emerge as a big force in next lections and second until then wanna bee journalists or pro-status quo journalists will continue to write things for or against imran as articles on Imran gets printed,get viewed and have lots and lots of comments. To all the readers of this article I will recommend that those who are PTI supporters shouldn’t get bothered by articles like the one Mr Saroop wrote and should ignore it.The supporters of PTI should know that they have stood up for change and all the forces of status quo whether they be in politics,establishment,beurocracy or media will try their best to stop this change..However as THE KAPTAAN says Insaf is an idea whose time has come,nobody can stop this change InshAllah.The recent PTI protest infront of Parliament is a proof to this.This 10 min clip from the speech of The Kaptaan can tell u the change thats about to come InshAllah.

For anti-PTI ppl,they should certainly read such false propaganda articles because these imaginary tales of the opinion makers are the only material that can keep you happy in the deep slumber you are presently in.However it wont be long when you people will also realize the true picture and start to follow PTI directly to make your opinions rather than making opinions about PTI on articles like Captain Elite..JAAG UTHO guys before it gets too late.

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PML(N) and its Lies

PML(N) so called intellectuals are coming up with their illogical arguments and baseless accusations on PTI everyday. This may be their last effort to continue deceiving people or at least not letting people see an alternate in form of PTI by making it look dirty too. However my very honest advice for them will be to either come up with some logical questions or just shut up for everyone knows that PTI credibility is beyond doubt.
Today I saw a talk show OFF THE RECORD with Kashif Abbasi on ARY NEWS..Khawaja Asif was invited there to answer questions about Corruption, Assets worth millions of dollars outside Pakistan,Tax Evasion and give a defense on behalf of ‘Sharifs’ which by now everyone knows are not so shareef.
Here is the link of programme

Since the PML(N) leadership has been exposed by Imran Khan, Khawaja Asif tried to malign Imran Khan’s personality because this is what PML(N) is used to do. Before PTI ,they just had PPP to take care of and that they easily did because on every allegation they used to bring PPP corruption on media and thus get away with their corruption easily. However Khawaja Asif forgot that this time its PTI who hasn’t got any bad stigma attached with its leadership. Thus he spoke lots and lots of lies that I felt laughing at times.

His defense on behalf of Sharifs’ was pathetic and anybody having little common sense can understand that the documents he provided were dodgy and 18 lakh income tax is too less for the profit his companies are generating .His Assets abroad in UK and Saudia may now be on name of his sons but everybody knows whose money was it by which these estates and industries were built abroad. I’m sorry but Khwaja Asif’s arguments did nothing in favor of Nawaz Sharif but helped a lot in exposing them further.

Caught by the situation he landed cheap blows on Khan saheb personal life and then stated his first lie that when IK’s children went from Pakistan to UK after Imran Khan divorce Imran Khan saheb could have asserted his orders over the future of children. U don’t have to be a student of Law to know that it’s a lie. In case of a divorce and if the children are minors ,the mother has the first right if she stays single and is competent.

Khwaja Saheb’s must have never fasted in life or else he wont be at that ease in speaking one lie after another. He said that Imran Khan got a plot from Nawaz Sharif when he was in Punjab Govt as a favor .it’s a farce lie to say the least for everyone knows that the only plots Khan Saheb got from Punjab govt were when he was playing cricket and even those 2 plots were donated by Khan Saheb to Shaukat Khanum.
While speaking this lie,Khawaja saheb never considered that even if for a moment we believe in his statement ,then who is culprit of allotting govts’ plot to people as a favor. Kashif is usually quite smart in picking up such blunders in answers of his guests but today he failed to pick such a big blunder by kawaja asif that amazes me. Moreover He said Imran cant buy a house in Bani Gala..Was that man even serious while saying this??A cricketer who played 21 yrs of international cricket, was the top most model for multinational companies, who writes for international newspapers, a man who writes books, someone who delivers lectures at international universities,is presently The Chancellor of Bradford University and somebody say Imran cant own a big house. This seriously puts doubts on the I.Q level of the person saying such absurd thing .

Then there was a 10 min speech by the honorable guest full of lies and I don’t know why Kashif never interrupted him when he was proudly lying .Putting allegations on Hamid Khan is a joke. Even Aasma Jahangir his rival in Supreme court bar has time and again praised the commitment of Hamid Khan in Lawyers movement. He said that Imran was not a part of Lawyers movement. This isn’t some event that had happened in 18th century and people have forgotten about. Everyone knows that Imran was the first one who came out on roads in favour of lawyers movement..He was on road when Nawaz Sharif and co were enjoying their lives in Saudi palaces. The Long March that Pml(N) hijacked by calling it off at Gujranwala ,ask Aitizaz ahsan and other lawyers about what was decided when different roles were given to different Leadership. Imran was asked to go to Islamabad and come out on Final day with thousands of supporters to ensure that even if Nawaz Sharif gets arrested along the journey,somebody is there to lead in Islamabad. Unfortunately the wikileaks were not out by then or we would have known that Nawaz has already made a deal with US to guarantee that he wont be arrested during long march.
Hree is the link of the cable..see point 2
Moreover what kind of achievements of Shareef’s was Khwaja Asif mentioning??JILAWATNEE??WHT JILAWATNEE? Do u call this a jilawatnee where a person enjoys his life in palaces and invest more and more money building empires and industries .Its such a shame that u people still mention about your so called Jilawatnee when your agreement with signatures to leave the country is now known to all. Who are you trying to deceive??

About consistency of politics,perhaps Imran has shown one thing in politics and that is consistency .Apart from his support to Musharraf’s 7 point agenda for which he has apologized, all his actions had been for bringing real democracy in Pakistan and for sovereignty of Pakistan. His stance on WOT has proved right and now all political parties are saying the same what he had been saying in year 2004.His action of boycotting elections was based on principles and against a dictator whereas Pml(N) ministers got oath from the very same Musharraf that your leader criticizes in every speech.PTI was the only party that protested on road against the election of Zardari as president. .All parties including PML(N) was invited but Zardari was a brother to your beloved leader Nawaz .Now when Imran khan is calling every political party to reach a consensus on a national issue of Sovereignty OF Pakistan, PML(N) is trying to give a false perception as if PTI is making some allaince with any other party. Imran Khan and PTI hasn’t changed their stance one bit about PPP,PML(N),MQM,PML(Q),ANP,JUI or JI and have different reservations with all of them.

However PML(N) should really not talk about consistency. Emerged from Zia’s support, came in power thru establishment by IJI formation, went into coalition with MQM, played opposition to PPP and then sat with same PPP to form a govt. Let me just share an old clip of your leadership with everyone here.

And you sat with the same PPP and signed COD and has been portraying to media as one of your biggest achievements. Reconciling with political parties is considered a good thing if its done by PML(N) and just a phone call by PTI on just Sovereignty Of Pakistan with no possibility of an alliance is considered an inconsistency.Ur leadership is double-faced not only in politics but elsewhere too.Your leaders support Jamaat-ud-Dawa and Lashkar-e-Tayyaba here in Pakistan but when You talk to US ambassadors this is what you have to say abt Pakistan. Sharing a wikileak cable news here:


And about your argument of 1 man show. .I can just laugh at it right now. Here is a list of our spokespersons and I hope that Pakistan media will start inviting them soon because these people are the most brilliant ones in their respective fields having highest credibility and integrity.

PTI stand alone right now among all political parties which has its support and credibility increasing day by day. I sincerely hope that PML(N) stops this useless exercise of blame game because Imran Khan’s credibility is beyond any doubt. Even his worst critics have never doubted his intentions or honesty.
Credibility will never be an issue for this national hero and the leader, what Pml(N) can hope is that this nation doesn’t wake up and remain ignorant of their rights and power because once people became aware of their power all these status quo parties having ruled us for last 30 years now will disappear for good.

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Answer To PML(N) 13 Questions

PML(N) asked 13 questions to The Great Imran Khan..The questions are quite funny but i would like the readers to try to take them seriously as its coming from a party who is ruling over 62% of pakistan right now ,so whatever they ask we should satisfy them with answers..
Here is the link to their 13 questions:

This is quite a lame questionnaire on part of PML(N) and I find it not even worthy of being answered by Imran Khan because where he is busy working on finding solutions of the issues that Pakistan is facing, PML(N) is busy making excuses and trying to befool people once again .However people are no more naïve and they know the real culprits who have played in other forces hands and handed over Raymond to US..
About the 13 questions u raised,any ordinary Pakistani can answer them .

1) On 27th January 2011, Imran Khan was in Davos, Switzerland addressing the leaders from all over the world at World Economic Forum. .Imran was invited to represent Pakistan as he is probably the only Leader in Pakistan right now who has credibility ..However when the sad incident happened PTI immediately condemned it. PTI is a political party and not some one man show and thus just few hrs after the incident our additional secretary general Saifullah Khan Niazi with Imran Khan’s consultation, demanded the govt to put the murderer behind bars and put him on a trial in Pakistani courts.

On 28th January PTI held a rally against Raymond Davis in Islamabad and Lahore..In Islamabad our senior leadership participated in protest and many of our workers got injured by police battering. the event was reported in both print and electronic media.

On 29th January PTI Peshawar held a rally against this

On 31st January PTI Multan held a protest against Davis

On 1st February Our additional secretary general emphasized on capturing the killers of Obaid-ur-rehman

On 3rd February ISF held a joint press conference with the relatives of victims, Chairman’s condolence was conveyed to them and a rally was announced on 4th February. In press conference it was stressed that Raymond should be trialed under terrorism act too.

On 4th February a huge rally was held in Lahore which was shown on media too

On 6th February on his return from World Economic Forum ,Imran met the three families and held a joint press conference.

Thus the first question holds no truth in it as PTI was not only speaking against Raymond right from beginning but was also on road in protest to the killings.

2)The victim families were asked if they need lawyers but they were happy with the lawyers they had as those lawyers were also not taking any fee from them. .Asad manzoor was a very able lawyer and wouldn’t have let the court take this one-sided verdict had your govt not kept him in captivity throughout the proceeding.

3) Just after the suicide of Shumaila, Imran was so disturbed and this is on record that Imran said times and again that this happens when people have lost hope in their govts and they start to feel tht they wont get justice. .Had PTI been in power ,we wont have let the murderer go away as u did and hence given Shumaila the justice that she desired at Death Bed. .But rest assured this Nation will one day wake up for her and take whatever action is required to take revenge of her suicide from all those ppl who have been part of deal in letting Davis go. .unfortunately that includes Punjab govt too.

4)Discussing Diyyat is absolutely non-sense here as we know that Diyyat couldn’t have been applied in this case..Ghamdi and all other Muslim scholars have appeared on Tv saying that the sharia law has been mis-used in this case..Morever on our part,we have always asked the victim families if they need any support but till their disappearance they have always said that they don’t wont any money and just KHOON ka badla KHOON…Now only Punjab govt can tell us how they disappeared, where are they now and how were they pressurized to sign the deal.

5)We believe Pakistani Nation is not the shameless who willingly accept money when they know that if they take money that may allow a spy and a terrorist to go away. We still believe that it wasn’t any financial pressure that made them accept money but there must be some other things that only you can tell us. Moreover it’s the responsibility of govt to provide people with financial support according to constitution

6) We are a democratic party believing in concept of State. We believe that State is responsible for protection of its people. We didn’t want to become some pressure group holding weapons in streets. Also at that time Punjab govt was acting as if they have taken a good stand against US and Rana Sanaullah was coming everyday on tv saying that they wont release Davis without a fair trial..Had we known that Punjab Govt is as usual just going about doing its hypocrisy and will one day all of a sudden make the relatives disappear ,we would have taken more steps. .However again it’s the govt responsibility to provide protection to its people and whoever made the relatives disappear, Punjab govt is responsible and should immediately resign.

7)Don’t know if I can term this question as the most silly one or not as all 13 of them are quite silly ..Nyways had Imran taken the families to his house, u people would have said that IK is using this incident for political reasons.Strangely your leaderships’ 18000 kanals of Raiwand were quite not enough for the families as u need to ask Imran to do this.I repeat its job of a govt to protect its citizens.Wht are u doing in govt if u cant take responsibilty of anythng.

8)If you guys are sleeping after drinking Lassi,its none of Imran’s fault as Imran has time and again mentioned all the details of meeting with US ambassador on various talk shows..Watch OFF The Record with kashif abbasi on 16th March and Capital talk on 17h March.

9)Wikileaks have confirmed it that Imran speaks in front of Americans what he speaks infront of his nation. He is unlike PML(N) leadership who are infact US puppets but behave differently infront of Pakistani people.. Imran had always been vocal against US policies .In all PTI protests after Raymond release there had been anti-american slogans, criticism over US policies, so your question doesn’t make any sense at all and just trying to create some false perception.

10) Perhaps this among all is the question that should win the award for the funniest and senseless question…Whose protest was it? PTI right? So he stays for 10 mins or 10 hrs what has it to do with u? Or may be u people wanted more than 10 mins of bashing by Imran for the crime you have committed as seriously I know u deserve more.

11) All things from changing of lawyer to flight of Raymond was kept secret till Davis left the country.The families were abducted so how could they have contacted anyone. .The lawyer of Raymond Davis didn’t even know about the whole proceedings of court so how on earth can we know what Your govt had been doing ?

12) As soon as the story broke ,Imran came on media criticizing it and was fuming with anger. .From that day we are protesting but u let the reality came infrnt of Nation after u had make sure that Davis has fled the country..Abt pressurizing the families, this is the statement by their lawyer who himself was detained in jail and wasn’t allowed to meet the families

13) How on earth can one prove this in any court when u have made both Davis and the relatives of victims disappear? We are looking at our options and once we could know about the location of relatives where you have made them go,we will be able to file case with Supreme courtThe question that every pakistani is asking Punjab govt right now is that why there wasnt any case of spying put over Davis by Punjab Police?Why wasnt he trialed by Punjab govt under terrorism act?It looks like Federal govt U had the same intentions of releasing Raymond.The nation is waiting for any reasonable answer to the height of hypocrisy that you people have shown in this case.However one more thing there is already a case filed against aymond release in High court.

I would just like to suggest to you that Pakistan is going through a very delicate period so instead of coming up with some silly questionnaire ,it would have been better had you told the reality of the case to the nation. Right now Punjab govt is equally responsible as is federal govt and agencies for letting their countrymen down.

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A couple of days ago Pakistan saw The Governor of its largest province murdered in broad daylight by his own security personal. The murderer has claimed it to be in reaction to governors’ statements against blasphemy law. Irrespective of the political turmoil it may have created, the society is divided into two groups over this issue. 5% people claiming it to be a justified act while 5% considers governor as a martyr .
Now where does majority 90% stand on this issue? Well they are once again busy doing their usual thing which is “to keep silent”.
Maulana Roomi once said that Nations die when they fail to differentiate between the right and wrong .It would have been very convenient to accept that our nation had died many years ago but the fact is that this silent majority of our nation has still got the ability to differentiate between right and wrong only if they can come out of their self created prison .Their major concern is just to pass there solitary lives in captivity without being disturbed. They have become immune to oppression and injustice. They have allowed a minority to rule over them and to represent them as a nation whether this minority be extremists or liberal fascists.
In Islam we are blessed with an eternal gift. A blessing that no other religion is offering which is a clear guideline to pass our lives. The whole message of Almighty is there in Quran and then elaborated clearly by Hadiths and the Holy life of The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him).Unlike other religions where u follow a church or a synagogue to understand it, we Muslims can lead good,pious lives by studying Quran and Hadiths ourselves. So role of a Mullah becomes very well defined . His job should just be spreading the message of namaz,zakat and basic principles of Islam. If some Mullah tries to spread the message against the spirit of Islam which is peace why cant the majority sitting in mosque take a stand and ask him afterwards that he shouldn’t indulge himself in that domain. The little contribution on our part can save somebody from getting wrong meaning of Islam by that Mullah. However as followers, people need to understand that Islam is a religion and not a fashion that needs change with time. There is no radical or moderate Islam .The radicalization is a whole different phenomenon and has more to do with political and social issues than religious ones.
It will take long to explain causes for the radicalization and intolerance that we witness in our society so I would rather stick to my topic about the silent people out there who sometimes gather courage and decides to speak up but limit their voice to facebook or twitter only. alas!! Almost all my friends living abroad on watching governors’ murder news, updated their status on face book showing immense disappointment and remorse. Unfortunately none of them ever update their status when everyday drone attacks are killing innocent people in our tribal region .In an estimate 42% people who died in last yrs drone attack were just a collateral damage and the missile never differentiated between a child, a woman or a 70 yr old man. Last month people affected by drones from South and North Waziristan protested in Islamabad. Prominent human rights associations that claim to be champions of human rights in Pakistan and get dollars for their NGOs in return for their services never turned up for them. Nobody even bothered that a 8 year old child waiting for mercy after having lost his parents in drone attack is an ideal target to get exploited by terrorists.
Even American and British people adopted Iraqi orphans after Iraq war but our silent class has gone so selfish that they couldn’t help one of their own. Living their lives in fear and avoiding trouble, not foreseeing that few yrs from now this very child’s activity can give them some irreplaceable loss.
We always blame an individual for some act but never bothered that this was bound to happen. Give me one explanation why should we only blame an individual and never considered our silence responsible for the act. Why do we expect peace when we are so far from the concept of Islam?How can we say ourselves Good muslims when we QAZA Zuhar and Asar prayers just because we have to participate in a protest meant to save ISLAM? Why do we expect logical decisions from people when there is no effort of educating people on real issues? How can we expect a better future for us when we haven’t learnt anything from history? Why do we even think of being sovereign when we know we are being ruled by corrupt puppets of super powers and do nothing to remove them? We want people to be keep deep sentiments for the country but want to restrain their sentiments when somebody shows mala fide intentions towards the religion? How can we expect a great Muslim scholar to come out of some madarasa when we ourselves have generalized all madarasas as terrorist training centers and have labeled all students there as terrorists? Why do we hope for some genuine National heroes when we are busy making disputed people of past as heroes and martyrs? Why do people mention about Rule of Law and States authority to implement some law when the people running the state are the biggest thugs and frauds? why do we even mention about making better laws when the law makers are themselves the biggest law breakers? How can we wish for a revolution that can change the fate of this nation but aren’t willing to sacrifice for it? Aren’t these questions enough to tell that where we demand others to be clear in their heads,we ourselves are confused?Lastly why am I even expecting answers to these questions when I know that these questions were addressed to ‘The Silent Majority’ of this nation which hopefully will one day wake up from the deep slumber they are presently in.

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In my childhood,I was told a few basic principles of life..In this world there will always be an animosity between the good and bad..Till the trumpet blows,always there be a disagreement between the disciples and the atheists..Whatever the society,the outlaw and law can never co-exist together..Whatever the race a bully will always push around the modest ones..Ya pretty simple principles.
In childhood ,we keep a very good memory and thus these principles got into my mind by their own.As i grew up the life became fast and so to make things simpler ,i summarized this in my own way”There is always a game going around between the two opposite groups and with each group fighting for its cause,does its best to beat the other.In the end there is only one WINNER and the other one a LOSER”
With each passing day,I am starting to realize that perhaps i have been little wrong in my simplification.Yes there is always a contest going around but probably not every time there is only one winner.They both can be winners at cost of someone else or they both can lose with a third party getting away with rewards.Even this would have made sense but now it looks that these contests and games are just for viewership because the results have always been pre-decided.
Post 9/11 the war on terrorism started between “the Tolerant U.S” and the extremists “Al Qaida”..the battle is still on and as the viewers can wait for the battle to end to know the result ,it seems in reality the result is already out and the winners are “USA and the EXTREMISTS”
Today US has its troops everywhere in subcontinent, pakistan and afghanistan almost their colonies having corrupt puppet govts deprived of any self-respect..and yeah they can keep a closer look at you Mr.Wu Den Yih and Ahmedinijad from here’ ..
And the ultimate winners are ‘the extremists’..they got the attention,got the status of ‘the biggest threat to mankind after Israfil’s trumpet’ and thnx to bombings by their foe they are getting so many potential candidates to continue this madness .And if that was not enough their Ultimate success came when the extremists have now got their support within the circles of their enemy.”Burn Koran Day(NAUZUBILLAH)” and “No Mosque Near Ground Zero” being the latest success for extremists.Oh man who could have thought that hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan, they will succeed in not only getting support but producing many of their own breed in washington and florida in form of Harry Reid and Pastor Terry Jones..So before they were only in afghanistan but now they r even there..
Unfortunately as a rule,game has to have a loser and in this case we the moderate ones on whole face of world are losers,the humanitarians have lost,the compassionate ones have crashed here.they dont know right now of why they are the ones who have suffered.That wasnt the war meant for…But who cares, keep suffering but please dont forget to turn on your T.V at 8 for FOX NEWS,they have the latest update on war,may be they could come up with some weapon of mass destruction in afghanistan this time…and yes also tune into Al.Jazeera at 11pm ,they may have a new tape of Osama’s ghost…
Why go internationally,when you can see such contests at national level..Zardari vs Nawaz contest..No No a contest needs a viewership and this one is too old…they can continue posing such fights but ppl know the result already..they are both winners at cost of 18 crore pakistanis..c’mmon media you are losing it..Oh yeah ..here it comes,media wont disappoint us…here they are with a new contest,though it will die out soon but for a few weeks it will get a good viewership…This time its “Common man vs Common man”..So the Sialkot Incident is everywhere ,how can our ppl get so barbaric!..the video is something that makes you feel nauseated just after 30 seconds and the Cameraman with his team kept shooting it for an hour..Oh yeah for him it was just a contest between two common man parties,the contest which was heavily inclined towards one side,the boys have lost the battle in just 5 mins and the other party mutilates their bodies in their celebration of winning…perhaps frustrated of their own problems,tht seemed a victory to them but they forgot one thing they are also ordinary,poor,common people and thus are destined to lose…It was a contest where both parties had to lose,one already being dead and the other party will soon be reaching its fate..so who won this contest?? obviously the Govt which out of nowhere is extremely interested in providing justice..The justice system of Pakistan will be at last a winner because this time round President wont be issuing ‘Pardon’ to these murderers belonging to unprivileged class..The media will be the biggest winner,afterall they are the one who made public opinion so strong about this incident..At last media can proudly say that though they were unable in their previous attempts to bring justice in cases like swiss cases,haris steel mill,pakistan steel,petroleum corruption,information technology ministry corruption,taget killings etc etc..but this time their efforts have brought fruit..
This will be a real ground breaking case.Govt will finally be able to make an example of somebody..yes they faced failures when they couldnt give justice to a man who was brutally killed by QABZA GROUP MAFIA,Ya they did failed when they couldnt bring justice to the families who have lost their loved ones in target killings in Karachi,Yes they cant do anything if some poor chap from interior Sindh gets somethng horrifying from ‘MR.BADMAASH’..But then who is perfect,at least they now look serious to bring an end to the injustice in this society.By hanging these underprivileged,poor,ordinary,non influencial murderers they will set an example.I am sure that no “blue blood’ or any influencial will ever even think of doing this as he would be terrified by the examplary justice that has at once started to prevail in this country…

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