For The All Omniscient And Infallible Talat Hussain Sb

The problem with extraordinary people with successful careers is that after yrs and yrs of staying in their respective fields, a bit of egoistic trait develops in them which sometimes mars their ability to keep fulfilling their ever increasing responsibility.However individuals with great intellect do know this aspect of human psyche and therefore stops themselves falling into this trap well before that line after which one simply cant stop.

Brilliant,Extraordinary,Lambent,Glittering and many words like this can be said about Syed Talat Hussain’s career as a journalist.All through his years as a journalist,there has never been a time when i have not watched his shows ,listened to his analysis or read his columns.I may not have agreed to his views all the time but never did i doubt his credibility and intention. Those who follow Talat regularly know Talat’s position about Election Rigging Protests and i may disagree but i do respect his opinion.However where Talat need some attention is that for last one week he has wrote two factually wrong columns.I am still confused that why a credible journalist like Talat will say something factually wrong so either its just a few honest mistakes or else we are losing another extraordinary talent by virtue of a developing obstinate attitude to prove his point

In his column of 9th August 2014 Talat Hussain writes that according to a news report EX ISI Chief Shuja Pasha has met Imran Khan at PTI’s MNA Shafqat Mehmood residence and according to Talat Sb no denial for this news has been given by PTI or by any other source.This starting argument that no denial is given by anyone is factually wrong and unfortunately so is the whole column because he had built the whole case on a factually wrong news report been denied not only by Shafqat Mehmood but also by independent sources.

Link for Talat’s column written on 9th August:

Shafqat Mehmood’s Denial on 8th August 2014:

Similarly Dr Shahid Masood also confirmed from independent agencies that no such meeting took place

This column of 9th August is not the only one but 2nd one this very week where Talat mistakenly presented rumors,manipulated analysis as some facts.In his column of 7th August 2014 Talat sb quoted a column by Zahid Ibrahim which has already been discussed by many people and the weak bogus points within that column was brought infront of people not only by some bloggers but also by FAFEN who infact criticized Zahid Ibrahim for misinterpreting them

Talat’s column of 7th August 2014:

In this column talat writes
ایکسپر یس ٹر یبو ن میں گز شتہ انتحا بات کے بارے میں دس حقا ئق کے نام سے آرٹیکل لکھنے کے بعدزاہدا براہیم کے خلا ف سوشل میڈیا پرطوفان بد تمیزی مچا وہ ہم جیسے صحا فیوں کے لئے نیا یقینا نہیں ہے ۔

مگر اس متین قا نون دان کو اس رد عمل نے بُری طرح کو فت میں مبتلا کردیا۔ مجھے ایک پیغام میں انہوں نے لکھا کہ “مجھے ویسے ہی محسو س ہو رہا ہے۔جب میں نے ضیا ءالحق کے خلا ف 1986میں اپنا پہلا کا لم لکھا تھا تب ہراساں کئے جانے کے طریقے اور تھے اب اورہیں”۔ مسلئہ زاہد ابراہیم کی رائے کا نہیں نہ ہی اُس کے نا م اور نسبت کا ہے ۔ اصل مصیبت یہ ہے کہ ہر کوئی حقا ئق صرف اپنی پسند کے مطا بق ترا شنا چا ہتا ہے۔ زاہدابرا ہیم کے آر ٹیکل میں بڑافلسفہ نہیں تھا اُس نے گزشتہ انتحا بات میں مبینہ دھا ندلیوں کے مقدموں کو انتخا بی ٹر بیو نلز کے ذریعے نپٹا نے کی رفتا ر اور کاگردگی سے متعلق اعدا دو شما ر پیش کئے تھے

It appears from his column that he is quoting some hard facts from Zahid Ibrahim whereas the truth is that it was simply an analysis by Zahid Ibrahim and critics may argue that being son of EX ECP chairperson Fakhru Bhai, Mr Ibrahim is probably not the most neutral person who can analyze the elections that were held under his own Father.

FAFEN issued a clarification that was published in same express tribune a day later on 6th August

FAFEN’s Clarification:

This is apropos the article titled “Ten truths about electoral rigging” by Zahid F Ebrahim published on August 4. The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) submits that the writer has misrepresented FAFEN’s election observation findings and has not made a distinction between his own opinion and the FAFEN’s data and analyses.

It was so clear that the column of Zahid Ibrahim was his personal analysis and after FAFEN’s clarification,Zahid Ibrahim himself accepted that in a tweet on 6th August 2014



Two detailed rebuttals to Zahid Ibrahim were published in Express Tribune where the authors gave convincing arguments against Ibrahim’s analysis and drawing their own conclusions.

Rebuttal By Dr Awab:

Another author Ali Ahmed used the same data that Zahid Ibrahim based his analysis and came up with his own analysis and conclusions which were exactly opposite to what Mr Zahid drew.

Link Of ALi Ahmed Conclusions about Election rigging:

The point of sharing all this here is that same data can be used by different people for different interpretations and as a journalist of Talat’s calibre he shouldnt present an individual conclusions as Facts ..If Talat wanted to quote Zahid Ibrahim’s analysis,he is free to do so but he cant call them as FACTS.

Having said all, i still have no doubt on Talat’s intentions or his credibility and this is just an attempt to make him stop well before the point from where he can never come back.Honest mistakes happen and my faith in Talat Sb will be more than ever if he could simply accept his mistake and acknowledge it in his column or at least in a tweet . Afterall we are all humans and there is a first time for everything 🙂


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