Media Wants People To Behave Like This


An English poet and a renowned scholar Thomas Grey says in his poem

“ where ignorance is bliss,’ tis folly to be wise’

I was never able to understand the importance of these words until I started to read Irfan Saddique’s Columns in Daily Jang. His column printed on 5th October 2012 is yet another masterpiece of him. After giving it a read, I wished that it would have been better had I not known the real facts and therefore wouldn’t have got disturbed by the fact that in our media some self proclaimed analysts and columnists can get away so easily with blatant lies and distortion of facts.

Here is the link for his column :


Irfan Saheb seems to be a very great fan of Obama and right at the start of column he shows his concern that perhaps this Peace Activists that have come from UK and USA may have come on guidance of Republicans to use this Anti-Drones slogan against Obama .Now this happens when someone is not an expert on International Politics and is just trying to confuse people by putting forward conspiracy theories in the mind of readers. Now for information of Irfan Saddique Saheb, the latest Pew survey says that majority i.e 62% of US citizens support drone attacks in Pakistan and so anti-drones slogan is not going to make somebody popular back in US. Also if you go into the detail of Pew Survey it says that 74% of REPUBLICANS support drone strikes as compared to 54% of the DEMOCRATES which means that drone strikes are even more popular in Republicans and therefore any organization like Code Pink who have been rallying in all parts of the world against drone strikes has nothing to do with US Elections or their politics

Here is the link of survey that got published in Dawn today:


Another interesting point in this survey was that only 2 countries in the whole world have their majority supporting drone strikes in Pakistan and they are US & India.The Pakistanis who still support these strikes should rethink about their stance considering the recent researches that have been published internationally exposing the so called accuracy of Drone strikes.

PEW Survey on Drone Strikes

Irfan Saddique says that Salim Safi is “Harf-e-Aakhir” in all matters that are related to Tribal area. Well I don’t agree with it and at some other time I will give my reasons but for now let us accept Irfan Saddique Saheb’s opinion .So Saleem Safi who is a “Harf-e-Aakhir” for Saddique saheb writes in his column on 9th April 2011.

A year Back Saleem Safi gave a proposal which is exactly what PTI is doing by arranging a Peace March but now Safi has changed his track

Has Saleem Safi Forgotten his Own Words??

Source Of saleem Safi’s Column in Daily Jang :

Now please can anyone tell me isn’t PTI doing exactly what Saleem Safi the “Harf-e-Aakhir” of Irfan Saddique proposed in his column a year ago? Isnt PTI trying to take Local and International media to Tribal area so that everyone can know the plight of the people living in Tribal area? So why the criticism ? Its because of this Peace March that Tribal Area is already being discussed in International media and a powerful debate is going on about the efficacy of drone strikes and how it is proving to be counter productive.The International media coverage even before the Peace March is good and if Pakistanis succeeded in making it a peaceful and successful March then it will be a historical moment for all of us.



In next part Irfan Saddique leveled some allegations that can certainly tell the readers that either he doesn’t know anything or else he is trying to misguide people intentionally. IK had always been the biggest opponent of the methodology adopted in this WOT and has always raised voice against Drone strikes. This is quite funny on part of Irfan Saddique that a person who was named as ‘Taliban Khan’ for his open criticism against WOT and drone attacks , is been criticized here for not been expressive about drone strikes.

The worst part of todays column is where Irfan Saddique criticizes the Peace Activists that have come from various parts of the world to protest against Drone strikes that kill Pakistanis. He writes:

Clive Smith who is the founder of Reprieve has been fighting for Guantanamo Bay for many yrs now. Reprieve has successfully defended many innocent Muslim prisoners that were held in Guantanamo Bay. These details can be seen on their official website.


Similarly Yvonne Ridley who got her visa rejected by UK high Commission and couldn’t join the Peace March was the first one who brought Aafia Saddique case in limelight by having a combined press conference with IK on Aafia Saddique case.

After that Yvonne Ridley’s organization i.e CagePrisoners made Aafia’s case as part of their campaign and they struggled for her more than our very own govt. Details can be seen here:


The point of sharing these details is that why is Irfan Saddique trying to malign these peace activists to make them look like as part of some hidden agenda in the eyes of naïve Pakistani public who for years have been misguided by some real bad journalism.

I would have never taken the pain of writing this rebuttal had he written something on politics as for that one can ignore. However this is a matter of national interest and a great opportunity for Pakistanis to make public opinion of west in favor of them. Unfortunately this rebuttal won’t mean much as this will reach to an audience of a max few hundred people while his blatant lies and distorted facts reaches out to millions everyday through print media. It puts extra responsibility on other fellow journalists who should expose such propaganda pieces. I respect ones personal opinion and anyone can have difference of opinion but when somebody starts to distort facts just to appease his favorite political party then it shouldn’t be excused.


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  1. Waqar Abbasi says:

    Great! Love it.. I wish someone take this material and write the column in Jang to rebuttal these Lafafa journalists

  2. Wamiq Hamid says:

    Brother …………. Great ….Great and Great.
    No words to tell you that how relief I am feeling now. Looks like you took words from my mouth.

  3. Ahmad says:

    Well done, evidence based reply.

  4. zeeshan says:

    greattt work mann…..Really really appericiate your work…..

  5. Sohail says:

    You have done your job, don’t worry if your writing doesn’t reach to as many people as it deserves. At least you responded and responded well, I thought for one moment that how good it would be if i can make a booklet of this article and circulate to as many as possible. Let’s not lose hope. May Allah bless you.

  6. A hameed says:

    I emailed him with the similar rebuttal, but no reply. Great work done, plz try to get it published in some paper, may b in a ltr to editor section

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