Facts That Nusrat Saheb Missed!!

Its rarely a dull day in Pakistan these days. Apart from Pakistan,I don’t think there is another country in this world right now where there is so much activity and conspiracies going around . Every week we have a new scandal breaking through the media and the audience being bored of the previous week’s event starts to follow the latest event forgetting the last one completely as if nothing had happened. A country where current affairs programs have a better rating than dramas shows how much the society has become politicized and secondly how much the quality of our dramas have gone down lately.

The recent scandal involving Malik Riaz and Dr Arsalan ,son of our honorable chief justice is nothing less than a super hit suspense series for the media and its audience. Every evening from 7 to 11 we have at least 30 talk shows discussing this same story with everybody having his own say on the matter. In the course of the events that happened after the appearance of this story, media persons themselves have also become the subject and now questions are being raised on media from many circles. Without going into the details of speculations about media people, I’ll say that all of these media personals should be treated as fair guys unless someone is proven guilty. However at the same time it’s the duty of these media anchors that they should also start taking responsibility of their actions and try their best to leave their personal bias out of their professional duties.

A list of journalists is in circulation over social media for more than a week now where there are names of at least 19 journalists who have allegedly received favors from Malik Riaz.. Today Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas of Bolta Pakistan on Aaj TV did a program on this topic and surprisingly blamed PTI Supporters of coming up with this list and blamed them of spreading it on social media. Following is the link where Nusrat Javed cameup with this allegation

Now let me tell the original facts concerning this alleged list and how Nusrat Saheb missed some very important facts
On 7th June 2012 ,a fake account on the name of Aitzaz Ahsan shared this list on his twitter account saying that he doesn’t know if its authentic or not but wouldn’t be surprised at all if its true.
Here are those tweets:

Tweets Done in the name of Aitzaz

The following is the link that is mentioned in above tweet:

Some more tweets from the same account that were done yesterday on 13th june 2012 after which the user suspended his account on 14th June 2012:
Tweets Done by an Account in name of Aitzaz

The problem with cyber space is that nobody knows if the account on twitter or face book is a genuine one or a fake one so people started sharing it probably thinking that its coming from Aitzaz Ahsan.. Now we can never know who was behind this alleged list but one thing is for sure that probably it wasn’t some PTI supporter who did it as it had also the name of Hassan Nisar in it who has been lately very supportive of the PTI‘s struggle.

Today that list was again shared on various social media sites but this time using some kind of Baharia Letter Heads. Now Mr Nusrat Javed has every right to be disturbed about his name appearing in this alleged list and surely he has every reason to be angry with the people who has wrongly put an allegation on him.However Nusrat’s reaction to it was certainly beyond my understanding as he wrongly accused PTI supporters for spreading this on their facebook pages and used some real harsh words on Live TV for them.

Here are again a few facts that will tell you that this list was never published by any of the official pages of PTI…On the other hand it was shared by many other forums including AAJ TV’s official website where Nusrat Javed himself works.Following are Just few examples:

On AAJ TV Website


On a PML-N Foum “We love PML-N,Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif”

On Azizi Of Dunya Tv forum:

On Jaago Pakistan forum:

On Electronic Media this list was discussed by some journalists too so there is no point of Nusrat Saheb blaming it on PTI that they are the ones who are spreading this unauthenticated list.Have a look at the following clip where Faisal Shakil of Express is discussing the list too.

Similarly Khawaja Asif in todays Capital talkalso mentioned about the list and Hamid Mir claimed that Mazhar Abbas of PFUJ will go in court against Bahria Town for issuing this list on their letter head.Now this claim is a total contradiction of your view point that these are not Bahria Town pads.I honestly dont know which one of you or Hamid Mir is right but what i do know is that you blaming it on PTI supporters is quite laughable to say the least.

The list had Dr Shahid Masood’s name on it too and like Nusrat he must have found this allegation insulting too.However instead of blaming it onto anyone innocent,he investigated into the matter and found that Bahria Town itself was behind this.He also clearly said that PTI supporters has NOTHING to do with this list and they have no part to play in this.Here are the updates from his page.

Dr Shahid Masood also tweets to Nusrat Javed Saheb telling him that there is nothing to blame it on PTI supporters and Bahria ppl were the one behind this.

The whole point of telling these facts was that where I had always criticized PTI supporters of losing their temper with Nusrat Saheb on him calling IK as ‘AdolfK”,Nusrat Javed should also keep in mind that fair analysis is a must for a good journalist . Also Nusrat Saheb should consider for a moment that does it suit someone of his stature to keep calling IK as Adolf Khan ? Can he call Nawaz or Zardari with such names or does freedom of media only applies to IK?


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16 Responses to Facts That Nusrat Saheb Missed!!

  1. usman says:

    Beautifully articulated. Job well done. This can well go on the official site. Again use of inappropriate words on the official reply should be removed immediately.

  2. faraz says:

    Aetizaz Ahsan’s account was fake and has been suspended

  3. ahmad says:

    good job

  4. Loser Bhai says:

    Iss Nusrat Kut.tay ki auqaat kia hai Yaar jo itna ghaiz o ghazab main jul raha hai..aur saath laya hai Marvi Sirmad Hindu ko…This freak has single point gay agenda and that is bash PTI…kia piddi kia piddi ka chhorba

  5. hani says:

    excellent man, great work, but ap kch logon ko ni badal sktay !!
    woh hamesha hi corrupt hotay hain, n even boht si batain bi unki ankhain ni khol sktin, nusrat javaid b unhi mn say ha, pata ni isko IK say kia bughz ha, ab koi banda b pti kay name say kisi sahafi ko kch keh day, iska yeh matlab to ni na bitchara Imran khan Khud involove ha is mein,…how pathetic is this, journalist should be neutral yar !!

  6. Noor says:

    well done .good job

  7. Kaleem says:

    Your fact finding blogs are always brilliant. Keep it up.


  8. maeen says:

    well written..superb.. sensible .. a slap on the faces of all dose “liberal Losers” who keep blaming #PTI for everythn.. i mean Pakistan is in a mess not coz of PTI but coz of PPP and PMLN.. dey need to wake up n see dat masses wan PTI…it is da stupid ” Liberal Losers” who dnt. n wen dey blame IK for supportin ISI and Taliban shld first listen wat are his suggestions. N give him a chance to prove himself… dan giv da damn verdict

  9. Oops! says:

    he’s doing it for publicity. No one was listening to him wesay bhi. Shouldnt be bothered about hs cries. He has on-air asked for villas and cars and money in his live programs. why even trust him now?

  10. Leaf says:

    Good work!

  11. Zia says:

    Bravo. A very polite slap on the face of this PTI-hater Nusrat Javed. Go to any forum where his show is posted and have a look on the comments. 99% people hate him for his biasedness and affiliation.

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  13. M. Kamran says:

    very well structured.

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