Dynastic Politics in PTI Or An Act of Misleading Journalism

The hitorical 30th October Jalsa has united the staus quo against PTI

Gone are the days when people used to believe everything that got published in newspapers. Today people double check every information that makes it to newspaper before believing in its authenticity. Its a pity that in our society, we ignore the facts while praising or criticizing someone and usually writes based on our liking and disliking. However facts shouldn’t be distorted especially by the journalists as someone making opinions based on non-factual things loses all his/her credibility.

With PTI’s popularity increasing day by day, we witness many articles and reports being published everyday that have no reality in them. It appears that some beneficiaries of the present corrupt system have finally realized that whatever they may do,they wont be able to make PML-N or PPP look any better in the eyes of people. They therefore have resorted to defame PTI making it look bad and hence try to convince people to discredit this party as well.

There was a news report published in The News on 6th March 2012 by the Investigative Journalist Mr Umar Cheema by the name of “Political parties being run as family limited companies”


Where it has described other parties correctly, it had lots of distortion of facts while describing PTI..Shafqat Mehmood the central information secretary of PTI hence issued a brief clarification that got published in The News of 7th March 2012. However this clarification was accompanied by a rejoinder from Mr Cheema who again tried to convince his readers of few things which are non-factual and based on his own speculations than reality


Without going into detail I will present a few facts that Mr Cheema ignored intentionally or unintentionally whatever the case may be.
Hamid Khan (Senior Vice President PTI) who is one of the leading lawyers of Pakistan and was at the forefront of restoration of judiciary movement is also one of the founding members of PTI. .Mr Cheema claimed that Hamid Khan is Imran Khan’s cousin.Now this being proved a farce lie,Mr Cheema has now taken a new position. He is now saying that Hamid Khan is a distant relative of Imran khan from his maternal side and this relationship has occurred because of some inter-marriages between different families on IK’s maternal side.This argument is certainly quite comical to me.It appears more of gossiping than some serious stuff by an investigative journalist.This argument of Mr Cheema reminded me of an Ali Zafar’s interview with an Indian host. The host asked Ali Zafar that its heard that he is a distant relative of Amir Khan from his maternal side on which Ali was quick to reply that if you consider this as being relatives then half of the population on the earth must be Amir Khan’s relative.

Hamid Khan; The Leader at Forefront of Judicary Movement

Moving forward Hassan case is different as yes he did led ISF for sometime .However here too Mr Cheema distorted a fact when he said that Hassan only left his post because he had to go abroad for study. In reality its not true. Hassan left his post after his scheduled tenure ended and after that worked under the next ISF leadership as ordinary worker. It is also worth mentioning here that Hafiz Farhat and Hassaan were among the founding members of ISF and when it was time for IK to pick a political secretary for him,I K preferred Hafiz Farhat over his nephew. Today ISF chapters are led by competent students like Farrukh Habib,Arsalan Ghumman,Muraad Saeed,Ehsan Naveed,Sher Khan etc .None of them is a related to IK and are on these posts solely on merit .

The most fatuous, inane and frivolous point of the whole report by Mr Cheema was dragging IK’s sister Aleema Khan’s name into politics and to augment his claim ,he says that she is one of the directors at Shaukat Khanum Trust. It is very important to set the record straight here. Aleema Khan has nothing to do with PTI or politics and her only public appearance was back in 2007 when she protested on road against Imran Khan’s arrest by Musharraf. At that time even it was a sister protesting for her brother having nothing to do with PTI.
Shaukat Khanum is a Charity Organization again having nothing to do with PTI and Politics. The directors working at SKMT give away their services on honorary basis and never get a penny from SKMT in return.. Its highly unfair of Mr Cheema that he has brought Aleema Khan’s name into politics when all she is doing is helping poor patients at SKMT.People from all walks of life have been associated with SKMT in one way or another.Children of schools being the biggest support for SKMT..Should we imply that all these Children are also into Politics??

Pepperdine School..SKMT Tigers


Hafizullah Niazi is no office bearer of PTI and is an ordinary worker of PTI. Arguing that he may not have any designation but still may be a man-behind-the-face is a mere speculation on part of Mr Cheema .Comparing case of HafizUllah Niazi with Hamza Shehbaz that both don’t hole any office but still are influential figures within their parties is again a wrong comparison. HafizUllah Niazi is not even a ticket holder of PTI whereas Hamza Shehbaz is not only sitting MNA of Pml-N but is also the de-facto Chief Minister of Punjab. I think Mr Cheema should look again at PML-N and see how a real family party plagued with dynastic trend looks like.
Sharif Family already occupies 10 most important positions in the party. Mian Nawaz Sharif is the president of the party and her wife Kalsoom Nawaz looks into the affairs of women wing. Shehbaz Sharif is CM of Punjab and has the post of President Punjab too.Nawaz and Shehbaz’s half brother senator Ishaq Dar is their parliamentary leader while Captain Safdar who is Nawaz’s son-in-law is head of youth wing .Punjab’s youth wing is headed by Nawaz’s relative Abid Sher Ali..Social Media campaign is run by Maryam Nawaz and she enjoys full protocol of a minister while her Punjab Govt sponsored visits to different girls colleges. Apart from these names many others like Bilal Yaseen, Umar Sohail Butt and many more like them are ticket holders of PML-N.

Sharif Family having all party positions within Them

The ending of Mr Cheema’s report is perhaps the most laughable part. Mr Cheema
Speculates that the only reason imran’s sons are not into politics is because they are still not grown up and had Imran had a brother ,he too would have been in politics..
I’m amazed what stopped Mr Cheema to write that had Imran’s father Ikram Ullah Niazi been alive,he too would have been in politics.

The readers of The News surely deserve better reports from their investigative journalist. If somebody is interested in reading in gossips and speculative analysis then he or she can surely buy a copy of Akhbar-e-Jahan or Khwateen Digest. .For people who are interested in reading real facts should be given Quality News reports based on factual things.I believe that since Daily News/Jang is a serious newspaper it wont make a mistake that it made in 1997 by publishing a fake news about PTI receiving funds from Jamaima’s father .For that news piece the Daily Jang apologized to Imran and PTI after 6 months when elections were over. One should remember that with social media having shown its presence, its the credibility of print and electronic media that is at stake too. I hope after this flaky and facetious news report,Mr Umer Cheema will try to learn a little more from Mr Ansar Abbasi to know how investigative journalism works.


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18 Responses to Dynastic Politics in PTI Or An Act of Misleading Journalism

  1. TNT says:

    Nice article…

  2. Wamiq says:

    very well done. Everyone share it on facebook and all other websites.

  3. A very well written response to the whole issue.
    With such dedicated supporters, PTI surely will spoil all efforts of the opposition to accuse and defame PTI.

  4. Umar says:

    Very Well said, this is not the first time this so called award winning journalist has written stories based on gossip and fabrications…. adding on to cheemas baseless presumptions I would just like to add my own tongue in cheek analysis ” if u.cheemas mother hadnt given birth to him, journalism would hav been the most honest profession in pak”!!

  5. Salman Zafar says:

    Shame on you Cheema….

  6. A very well written response to the whole issue, PTI social media members should follow this as an example how to defend their self while keeping there selves in a mannered boundaries and without being abusive … i currently witnessed very few following it … resulting getting known as PTI Trolls.

  7. imran khan says:


    The response is solid and Reporter need to make more research before distort about any body. If he can prove he can?
    After getting his response you can write any thing. Do not become personal and do not use the words like that “His mother had not given brith”. I think that type of arguments might be defame PTI.

  8. hammad says:

    This is the way of replying that pti followers shud use. Facts and only facts… No abusive language.
    Great job

  9. Syed Aqeel Hassan says:

    I am wondering how Umer Cheema did this..Shocked…!!!
    By the way this is awesome article.

  10. Maha says:

    Message of Imran Khan 2. … Allah Subhana Talah that he blessed us with freedom, to celebrate this freedom; Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf Canada …

  11. Aqi says:

    Very well said…I dont know then why cheema sahib gets surprised, once he is being abducted and released after some necessary overhauling.

  12. Salman Ahmed says:

    Nice answer with facts

  13. Rizwan Mubeshar says:

    very good reply, I was surprised to read Omer cheema news earlier: he has the credibility but nothing was factual about PTI in his report.

  14. Absolutely Spot on!! As always..

  15. Aqib says:

    These so called reporters who never learn what journalism is exist in Jang Group !! Mr. Cheema should take addmission in MBA MEDIA MANAGEMENT From CBM or Mas com from KU 😛 so he should learn ethics of reporting & journalism.. but if not possible then please attend any workshop on ethics.. 😛

  16. Tufail says:

    U. Cheema ke Aankhain ab khulne chaheyay…

  17. Rafi Nawaz says:

    Very well reply keep it up…

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