PML(N) and its Lies

PML(N) so called intellectuals are coming up with their illogical arguments and baseless accusations on PTI everyday. This may be their last effort to continue deceiving people or at least not letting people see an alternate in form of PTI by making it look dirty too. However my very honest advice for them will be to either come up with some logical questions or just shut up for everyone knows that PTI credibility is beyond doubt.
Today I saw a talk show OFF THE RECORD with Kashif Abbasi on ARY NEWS..Khawaja Asif was invited there to answer questions about Corruption, Assets worth millions of dollars outside Pakistan,Tax Evasion and give a defense on behalf of ‘Sharifs’ which by now everyone knows are not so shareef.
Here is the link of programme

Since the PML(N) leadership has been exposed by Imran Khan, Khawaja Asif tried to malign Imran Khan’s personality because this is what PML(N) is used to do. Before PTI ,they just had PPP to take care of and that they easily did because on every allegation they used to bring PPP corruption on media and thus get away with their corruption easily. However Khawaja Asif forgot that this time its PTI who hasn’t got any bad stigma attached with its leadership. Thus he spoke lots and lots of lies that I felt laughing at times.

His defense on behalf of Sharifs’ was pathetic and anybody having little common sense can understand that the documents he provided were dodgy and 18 lakh income tax is too less for the profit his companies are generating .His Assets abroad in UK and Saudia may now be on name of his sons but everybody knows whose money was it by which these estates and industries were built abroad. I’m sorry but Khwaja Asif’s arguments did nothing in favor of Nawaz Sharif but helped a lot in exposing them further.

Caught by the situation he landed cheap blows on Khan saheb personal life and then stated his first lie that when IK’s children went from Pakistan to UK after Imran Khan divorce Imran Khan saheb could have asserted his orders over the future of children. U don’t have to be a student of Law to know that it’s a lie. In case of a divorce and if the children are minors ,the mother has the first right if she stays single and is competent.

Khwaja Saheb’s must have never fasted in life or else he wont be at that ease in speaking one lie after another. He said that Imran Khan got a plot from Nawaz Sharif when he was in Punjab Govt as a favor .it’s a farce lie to say the least for everyone knows that the only plots Khan Saheb got from Punjab govt were when he was playing cricket and even those 2 plots were donated by Khan Saheb to Shaukat Khanum.
While speaking this lie,Khawaja saheb never considered that even if for a moment we believe in his statement ,then who is culprit of allotting govts’ plot to people as a favor. Kashif is usually quite smart in picking up such blunders in answers of his guests but today he failed to pick such a big blunder by kawaja asif that amazes me. Moreover He said Imran cant buy a house in Bani Gala..Was that man even serious while saying this??A cricketer who played 21 yrs of international cricket, was the top most model for multinational companies, who writes for international newspapers, a man who writes books, someone who delivers lectures at international universities,is presently The Chancellor of Bradford University and somebody say Imran cant own a big house. This seriously puts doubts on the I.Q level of the person saying such absurd thing .

Then there was a 10 min speech by the honorable guest full of lies and I don’t know why Kashif never interrupted him when he was proudly lying .Putting allegations on Hamid Khan is a joke. Even Aasma Jahangir his rival in Supreme court bar has time and again praised the commitment of Hamid Khan in Lawyers movement. He said that Imran was not a part of Lawyers movement. This isn’t some event that had happened in 18th century and people have forgotten about. Everyone knows that Imran was the first one who came out on roads in favour of lawyers movement..He was on road when Nawaz Sharif and co were enjoying their lives in Saudi palaces. The Long March that Pml(N) hijacked by calling it off at Gujranwala ,ask Aitizaz ahsan and other lawyers about what was decided when different roles were given to different Leadership. Imran was asked to go to Islamabad and come out on Final day with thousands of supporters to ensure that even if Nawaz Sharif gets arrested along the journey,somebody is there to lead in Islamabad. Unfortunately the wikileaks were not out by then or we would have known that Nawaz has already made a deal with US to guarantee that he wont be arrested during long march.
Hree is the link of the cable..see point 2
Moreover what kind of achievements of Shareef’s was Khwaja Asif mentioning??JILAWATNEE??WHT JILAWATNEE? Do u call this a jilawatnee where a person enjoys his life in palaces and invest more and more money building empires and industries .Its such a shame that u people still mention about your so called Jilawatnee when your agreement with signatures to leave the country is now known to all. Who are you trying to deceive??

About consistency of politics,perhaps Imran has shown one thing in politics and that is consistency .Apart from his support to Musharraf’s 7 point agenda for which he has apologized, all his actions had been for bringing real democracy in Pakistan and for sovereignty of Pakistan. His stance on WOT has proved right and now all political parties are saying the same what he had been saying in year 2004.His action of boycotting elections was based on principles and against a dictator whereas Pml(N) ministers got oath from the very same Musharraf that your leader criticizes in every speech.PTI was the only party that protested on road against the election of Zardari as president. .All parties including PML(N) was invited but Zardari was a brother to your beloved leader Nawaz .Now when Imran khan is calling every political party to reach a consensus on a national issue of Sovereignty OF Pakistan, PML(N) is trying to give a false perception as if PTI is making some allaince with any other party. Imran Khan and PTI hasn’t changed their stance one bit about PPP,PML(N),MQM,PML(Q),ANP,JUI or JI and have different reservations with all of them.

However PML(N) should really not talk about consistency. Emerged from Zia’s support, came in power thru establishment by IJI formation, went into coalition with MQM, played opposition to PPP and then sat with same PPP to form a govt. Let me just share an old clip of your leadership with everyone here.

And you sat with the same PPP and signed COD and has been portraying to media as one of your biggest achievements. Reconciling with political parties is considered a good thing if its done by PML(N) and just a phone call by PTI on just Sovereignty Of Pakistan with no possibility of an alliance is considered an inconsistency.Ur leadership is double-faced not only in politics but elsewhere too.Your leaders support Jamaat-ud-Dawa and Lashkar-e-Tayyaba here in Pakistan but when You talk to US ambassadors this is what you have to say abt Pakistan. Sharing a wikileak cable news here:

And about your argument of 1 man show. .I can just laugh at it right now. Here is a list of our spokespersons and I hope that Pakistan media will start inviting them soon because these people are the most brilliant ones in their respective fields having highest credibility and integrity.
PTI stand alone right now among all political parties which has its support and credibility increasing day by day. I sincerely hope that PML(N) stops this useless exercise of blame game because Imran Khan’s credibility is beyond any doubt. Even his worst critics have never doubted his intentions or honesty.
Credibility will never be an issue for this national hero and the leader, what Pml(N) can hope is that this nation doesn’t wake up and remain ignorant of their rights and power because once people became aware of their power all these status quo parties having ruled us for last 30 years now will disappear for good.


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