Answer To PML(N) 13 Questions

PML(N) asked 13 questions to The Great Imran Khan..The questions are quite funny but i would like the readers to try to take them seriously as its coming from a party who is ruling over 62% of pakistan right now ,so whatever they ask we should satisfy them with answers..
Here is the link to their 13 questions:

This is quite a lame questionnaire on part of PML(N) and I find it not even worthy of being answered by Imran Khan because where he is busy working on finding solutions of the issues that Pakistan is facing, PML(N) is busy making excuses and trying to befool people once again .However people are no more naïve and they know the real culprits who have played in other forces hands and handed over Raymond to US..
About the 13 questions u raised,any ordinary Pakistani can answer them .

1) On 27th January 2011, Imran Khan was in Davos, Switzerland addressing the leaders from all over the world at World Economic Forum. .Imran was invited to represent Pakistan as he is probably the only Leader in Pakistan right now who has credibility ..However when the sad incident happened PTI immediately condemned it. PTI is a political party and not some one man show and thus just few hrs after the incident our additional secretary general Saifullah Khan Niazi with Imran Khan’s consultation, demanded the govt to put the murderer behind bars and put him on a trial in Pakistani courts.

On 28th January PTI held a rally against Raymond Davis in Islamabad and Lahore..In Islamabad our senior leadership participated in protest and many of our workers got injured by police battering. the event was reported in both print and electronic media.

On 29th January PTI Peshawar held a rally against this

On 31st January PTI Multan held a protest against Davis

On 1st February Our additional secretary general emphasized on capturing the killers of Obaid-ur-rehman

On 3rd February ISF held a joint press conference with the relatives of victims, Chairman’s condolence was conveyed to them and a rally was announced on 4th February. In press conference it was stressed that Raymond should be trialed under terrorism act too.

On 4th February a huge rally was held in Lahore which was shown on media too

On 6th February on his return from World Economic Forum ,Imran met the three families and held a joint press conference.

Thus the first question holds no truth in it as PTI was not only speaking against Raymond right from beginning but was also on road in protest to the killings.

2)The victim families were asked if they need lawyers but they were happy with the lawyers they had as those lawyers were also not taking any fee from them. .Asad manzoor was a very able lawyer and wouldn’t have let the court take this one-sided verdict had your govt not kept him in captivity throughout the proceeding.

3) Just after the suicide of Shumaila, Imran was so disturbed and this is on record that Imran said times and again that this happens when people have lost hope in their govts and they start to feel tht they wont get justice. .Had PTI been in power ,we wont have let the murderer go away as u did and hence given Shumaila the justice that she desired at Death Bed. .But rest assured this Nation will one day wake up for her and take whatever action is required to take revenge of her suicide from all those ppl who have been part of deal in letting Davis go. .unfortunately that includes Punjab govt too.

4)Discussing Diyyat is absolutely non-sense here as we know that Diyyat couldn’t have been applied in this case..Ghamdi and all other Muslim scholars have appeared on Tv saying that the sharia law has been mis-used in this case..Morever on our part,we have always asked the victim families if they need any support but till their disappearance they have always said that they don’t wont any money and just KHOON ka badla KHOON…Now only Punjab govt can tell us how they disappeared, where are they now and how were they pressurized to sign the deal.

5)We believe Pakistani Nation is not the shameless who willingly accept money when they know that if they take money that may allow a spy and a terrorist to go away. We still believe that it wasn’t any financial pressure that made them accept money but there must be some other things that only you can tell us. Moreover it’s the responsibility of govt to provide people with financial support according to constitution

6) We are a democratic party believing in concept of State. We believe that State is responsible for protection of its people. We didn’t want to become some pressure group holding weapons in streets. Also at that time Punjab govt was acting as if they have taken a good stand against US and Rana Sanaullah was coming everyday on tv saying that they wont release Davis without a fair trial..Had we known that Punjab Govt is as usual just going about doing its hypocrisy and will one day all of a sudden make the relatives disappear ,we would have taken more steps. .However again it’s the govt responsibility to provide protection to its people and whoever made the relatives disappear, Punjab govt is responsible and should immediately resign.

7)Don’t know if I can term this question as the most silly one or not as all 13 of them are quite silly ..Nyways had Imran taken the families to his house, u people would have said that IK is using this incident for political reasons.Strangely your leaderships’ 18000 kanals of Raiwand were quite not enough for the families as u need to ask Imran to do this.I repeat its job of a govt to protect its citizens.Wht are u doing in govt if u cant take responsibilty of anythng.

8)If you guys are sleeping after drinking Lassi,its none of Imran’s fault as Imran has time and again mentioned all the details of meeting with US ambassador on various talk shows..Watch OFF The Record with kashif abbasi on 16th March and Capital talk on 17h March.

9)Wikileaks have confirmed it that Imran speaks in front of Americans what he speaks infront of his nation. He is unlike PML(N) leadership who are infact US puppets but behave differently infront of Pakistani people.. Imran had always been vocal against US policies .In all PTI protests after Raymond release there had been anti-american slogans, criticism over US policies, so your question doesn’t make any sense at all and just trying to create some false perception.

10) Perhaps this among all is the question that should win the award for the funniest and senseless question…Whose protest was it? PTI right? So he stays for 10 mins or 10 hrs what has it to do with u? Or may be u people wanted more than 10 mins of bashing by Imran for the crime you have committed as seriously I know u deserve more.

11) All things from changing of lawyer to flight of Raymond was kept secret till Davis left the country.The families were abducted so how could they have contacted anyone. .The lawyer of Raymond Davis didn’t even know about the whole proceedings of court so how on earth can we know what Your govt had been doing ?

12) As soon as the story broke ,Imran came on media criticizing it and was fuming with anger. .From that day we are protesting but u let the reality came infrnt of Nation after u had make sure that Davis has fled the country..Abt pressurizing the families, this is the statement by their lawyer who himself was detained in jail and wasn’t allowed to meet the families

13) How on earth can one prove this in any court when u have made both Davis and the relatives of victims disappear? We are looking at our options and once we could know about the location of relatives where you have made them go,we will be able to file case with Supreme courtThe question that every pakistani is asking Punjab govt right now is that why there wasnt any case of spying put over Davis by Punjab Police?Why wasnt he trialed by Punjab govt under terrorism act?It looks like Federal govt U had the same intentions of releasing Raymond.The nation is waiting for any reasonable answer to the height of hypocrisy that you people have shown in this case.However one more thing there is already a case filed against aymond release in High court.

I would just like to suggest to you that Pakistan is going through a very delicate period so instead of coming up with some silly questionnaire ,it would have been better had you told the reality of the case to the nation. Right now Punjab govt is equally responsible as is federal govt and agencies for letting their countrymen down.


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4 Responses to Answer To PML(N) 13 Questions

  1. jamil farooq says:

    Good reply kepit up

  2. Javed says:

    I think the questioning person is not stupid but you are who doesnt have adequate information of the law and trying to answer the questions… first of all, i want to know, if you are the spokesperson of IK or PTI ? Better PTI answer all these question… anyway

    i just want to ask you can you please tell me , who can file the spying case against a foreign national ? just ask this question to PTI lawyers and then i will be hear to discuss your clarifications..

    • arslank says:

      No i’m not an official spokesperson and officially these questions were answered by Zahid Kazmi..Moreover these 13 questions have nothing to do with any law at all..these were absurd and stupid questions.
      Spying charges can be put by state on any foreign national.I think u need to check your law books once again as there have been numerous cases where a foreigner has been charged for spying by the state.

  3. Shani says:

    I just wonder one thing. Why are the people of Pakistan so blind? Why they trust these same old farts again and again? Don’t you see they just fill there own pockets. No one cares about poor people.
    Its time to bring change in Pakistan.
    Badlo Bure Nizam Ko, Vote Do Imran Ko

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