In my childhood,I was told a few basic principles of life..In this world there will always be an animosity between the good and bad..Till the trumpet blows,always there be a disagreement between the disciples and the atheists..Whatever the society,the outlaw and law can never co-exist together..Whatever the race a bully will always push around the modest ones..Ya pretty simple principles.
In childhood ,we keep a very good memory and thus these principles got into my mind by their own.As i grew up the life became fast and so to make things simpler ,i summarized this in my own way”There is always a game going around between the two opposite groups and with each group fighting for its cause,does its best to beat the other.In the end there is only one WINNER and the other one a LOSER”
With each passing day,I am starting to realize that perhaps i have been little wrong in my simplification.Yes there is always a contest going around but probably not every time there is only one winner.They both can be winners at cost of someone else or they both can lose with a third party getting away with rewards.Even this would have made sense but now it looks that these contests and games are just for viewership because the results have always been pre-decided.
Post 9/11 the war on terrorism started between “the Tolerant U.S” and the extremists “Al Qaida”..the battle is still on and as the viewers can wait for the battle to end to know the result ,it seems in reality the result is already out and the winners are “USA and the EXTREMISTS”
Today US has its troops everywhere in subcontinent, pakistan and afghanistan almost their colonies having corrupt puppet govts deprived of any self-respect..and yeah they can keep a closer look at you Mr.Wu Den Yih and Ahmedinijad from here’ ..
And the ultimate winners are ‘the extremists’..they got the attention,got the status of ‘the biggest threat to mankind after Israfil’s trumpet’ and thnx to bombings by their foe they are getting so many potential candidates to continue this madness .And if that was not enough their Ultimate success came when the extremists have now got their support within the circles of their enemy.”Burn Koran Day(NAUZUBILLAH)” and “No Mosque Near Ground Zero” being the latest success for extremists.Oh man who could have thought that hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan, they will succeed in not only getting support but producing many of their own breed in washington and florida in form of Harry Reid and Pastor Terry Jones..So before they were only in afghanistan but now they r even there..
Unfortunately as a rule,game has to have a loser and in this case we the moderate ones on whole face of world are losers,the humanitarians have lost,the compassionate ones have crashed here.they dont know right now of why they are the ones who have suffered.That wasnt the war meant for…But who cares, keep suffering but please dont forget to turn on your T.V at 8 for FOX NEWS,they have the latest update on war,may be they could come up with some weapon of mass destruction in afghanistan this time…and yes also tune into Al.Jazeera at 11pm ,they may have a new tape of Osama’s ghost…
Why go internationally,when you can see such contests at national level..Zardari vs Nawaz contest..No No a contest needs a viewership and this one is too old…they can continue posing such fights but ppl know the result already..they are both winners at cost of 18 crore pakistanis..c’mmon media you are losing it..Oh yeah it comes,media wont disappoint us…here they are with a new contest,though it will die out soon but for a few weeks it will get a good viewership…This time its “Common man vs Common man”..So the Sialkot Incident is everywhere ,how can our ppl get so barbaric!..the video is something that makes you feel nauseated just after 30 seconds and the Cameraman with his team kept shooting it for an hour..Oh yeah for him it was just a contest between two common man parties,the contest which was heavily inclined towards one side,the boys have lost the battle in just 5 mins and the other party mutilates their bodies in their celebration of winning…perhaps frustrated of their own problems,tht seemed a victory to them but they forgot one thing they are also ordinary,poor,common people and thus are destined to lose…It was a contest where both parties had to lose,one already being dead and the other party will soon be reaching its who won this contest?? obviously the Govt which out of nowhere is extremely interested in providing justice..The justice system of Pakistan will be at last a winner because this time round President wont be issuing ‘Pardon’ to these murderers belonging to unprivileged class..The media will be the biggest winner,afterall they are the one who made public opinion so strong about this incident..At last media can proudly say that though they were unable in their previous attempts to bring justice in cases like swiss cases,haris steel mill,pakistan steel,petroleum corruption,information technology ministry corruption,taget killings etc etc..but this time their efforts have brought fruit..
This will be a real ground breaking case.Govt will finally be able to make an example of somebody..yes they faced failures when they couldnt give justice to a man who was brutally killed by QABZA GROUP MAFIA,Ya they did failed when they couldnt bring justice to the families who have lost their loved ones in target killings in Karachi,Yes they cant do anything if some poor chap from interior Sindh gets somethng horrifying from ‘MR.BADMAASH’..But then who is perfect,at least they now look serious to bring an end to the injustice in this society.By hanging these underprivileged,poor,ordinary,non influencial murderers they will set an example.I am sure that no “blue blood’ or any influencial will ever even think of doing this as he would be terrified by the examplary justice that has at once started to prevail in this country…


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