Judge Defamed; Judiciary Redeemed

So who will win ? Judge or Justice?

So who will win ? Judge or Justice?

It  is said that there really can be no peace without justice and present mess in our country is a prime example of this. It is indeed a passage of time where not even the most staunch supporter of Judicial System in Pakistan can defend it as it has failed miserably to deliver justice to the people of Pakistan .One may argue that why single out Judicial system when other systems have failed too but then judiciary was given a golden chance to revamp itself a few yrs ago by Pakistani people. Unfortunately the post lawyers movement era for judicial system in Pakistan is not what people hoped for and situation has worsened to a point that drastic steps like military courts had to be taken.

The Ex CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry who was the most powerful person during his second tenure,failed to bring any reform in judicial system and instead ended up making himself a highly politicized and controversial figure due to wrong priorities and interests. Interestingly enough the Ex CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry however is now providing the superior judiciary a chance to redeem itself through a 20 Billion defamation case against Imran Khan.

Although the intention behind this case is a political one as both Ex CJ and PML_N believe that since PTI and Imran Khan don’t have a video where Ex CJ is conspiring with Returning Officers ,nothing can prove their guilt. However what they aren’t expecting is that what if Judiciary takes it up in a fair manner and started taking circumstantial evidences, witnesses, data and observations from ECP,NADRA,Tribunals. What if they started calling Returning Officers in court for their statements? Wont this itself give PTI the platform to make tribunal findings of various constituencies part of a legal hearing which is something that PML-N is unwilling  to give PTI in judicial commission.

Allegation by Imran Khan On Iftikhar Chaudhry: “ The 2013 elections was a rigged one with Returning Officers under the influence of Iftikhar Chaudhry helping in the rigging “ One should keep in mind that Imran Khan is not the only one who has levelled this allegation against him. All main political parties except  PML_N has this very same point of view .

Senior PPP leader Amin Fahim went even furthur and narrated an incident where Ex CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry visited a RO in Matiari during election days and stayed in RO office for over 3 hrs.

With statements like above,the court may call some other politicians to record their statements during hearing but still court will most definitely be more interested to know of what neutral observers and ECP have to say in this regard.Unfortunately for Iftikhar Chaudhry , statements from EX Secretary ECP Kanwar Dilshad ,Ex Member ECP Afzal Khan and present ECP member Rtd Justice Riaz Kiyani are on record where they have said the same thing for Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry.

With all indicators,statements and facts indicating that ROs were working under the influence of the then Chief Justice of Pakistan,the only question remains to be answered is that did the ROs did justice to the duty that they were given i.e to conduct a free and fair elections or did they just fail in doing so under some directive from higher powers.Lets just forget about what Imran Khan or any other say about ROs role in rigging and just rely upon the reports by independent organizations like FAFEN(Free And Fair Election Network) or the post elections report by ECP

Report by Fafen on elections 2013 gives a detailed account of irregularities that took place and interestingly most of them have a RO role in it, be it changing the polling schemes on last day against ECP rules or disappearance of form 14,form 15 in a huge no of constituencies.Here r a few excerpts from the report:

ROs Changing Polling Scheme against ECP Rules.High No of such Incidences in Punjab and Sindh

ROs Changing Polling Scheme against ECP Rules.High No of such Incidences in Punjab and Sindh

ROs were Not under ECP control and highly unresponsive

ROs were Not under ECP control and highly unresponsive

Link to FAFEN Report: http://fafen.org/general-election-2013-fafen-observation-key-findings-and-recommendations-2/

Another post election report this time by ECP itself raises serious doubts over Returning Officers role in the whole elections process.The findings were so concrete that ECP report holds Returning Officers responsible for the election mess.

ECP declares ROs responsible for election mess

ECP declares ROs responsible for election mess


The post elections report by ECP narrates how returning officers were behaving on their own without ECP control over them .The polling scheme was changed on almost 100 constituencies by ROs on last day.Staff on polling stations was changed by ROs at the last moment and untrained staff was brought for duty.Such steps in an organized way raises serious concerns that all these actions by ROs were done under the directive of Iftikhar Chaudhry who was quite evidently the only person that ROs were listening and responding to .

Post Election Review Report by ECP

Post Election Review Report by ECP


If there was any doubt left over Returning Officers role,it was removed when just last month Aitzaz Ahsan made public his whitepaper on rigging in NA 124 with proofs.The whitepaper has exposed the role of returning officers and how they did the rigging.With unsealed bags,absence of form 14,form 15 in bags,waste garbage in many polling bags of NA 124,Aitzaz Ahsan feels that there is no way a RO could have done this on his own and definitely had the backing of some higher authority.sharing 2 of his conclusions here from the actual whitepaper:

Returning Officers Did Rigging for PML-N on orders of Ex CJ Iftikhar: Whitepaper By Aitzaz Ahsan on NA124

Returning Officers Did Rigging for PML-N on orders of Ex CJ Iftikhar: Whitepaper By Aitzaz Ahsan on NA124

Returning Officers Under orders of CJ did the rigging: Whitepaper on NA124 by Aitzaz Ahsan

Returning Officers Under orders of CJ did the rigging: Whitepaper on NA124 by Aitzaz Ahsan

Just as this blog cant end without the mention of Arsalan Iftikhar’s case,the defamation case in court cant go without the mention of Arsalan Iftikhar case. Everyone remembers how serious those allegations were .Shaoib Suddle in his initial report sumbitted infront of SC on 5/12/2012, confirmed that there were close ties between Arsalan Iftikhar and Malik Riaz with transactions done between them.The commission demanded from higher court more time and asked for direct access to Arsalan Iftikhar and Malik Riaz for direct Investigation.

Arsalan Iftikhar Had taken payments from Malik Riaz; Initial Report of Suddle Commission

Arsalan Iftikhar Had taken payments from Malik Riaz; Initial Report of Suddle Commission


However SC instead of allowing access,dissolved the Suddle Commission just after one day of submission of initial report terming it a personal matter between two individuals.It was a very bizarre move as nobody understood that how can bribing millions of rupees to the son of Chief Justice can be considered a personal affair but nobody dared to question the verdict of SC.

SC dissolves Commission even when report indicated massive transaction done between two parties

SC dissolves Commission even when report indicated massive transaction done between two parties


The events in last year or so suggests that even in Arsalan Iftikhar case, there was some kind of involvement of Iftikhar Chaudhry too.Even though Iftikhar chaudhry denies that he had ever met anybody from malik riaz family,there are photos of iftikhar chaudhry sitting casually with malik riaz’s younger brother shahid malik at Shahid Malik residence in UK.

If Arsalan had been doing this on his own,Iftikhar Chaudhry after that case would have stopped asking for favors for his son and would have tried to distance himself from him but we see the opposite of that.Just last year Iftikhar Chaudhry asked the Balochistan Govt to make his son as Chirman of Balochistan Investment Board and even he was given the post by Govt.However due to severe criticism from all sections he was asked to leave the post. Hasil Bazinjo who is chief of ruling party in Balochistan is on record that Iftikhar Chaudhry wanted us to make his son as Chairman Investment Baord.

Accountability of Elections 2013 is such a National issue for Pakistanis which many of the fellow Pakistanis are still been unable to understand.The feeling that nothing can touch us even if we rig the elections will only make Govt go more and more confident that even with worst performance they can come back as votes really dont matter in Pakistan.If we let it go this time then be assured that political parties will only think of how to lobby in bureaucracy,judiciary and establishment for next elections.This case has indirectly given a chance to superior judiciary to become the savior of democracy in Pakistan.

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For The All Omniscient And Infallible Talat Hussain Sb

The problem with extraordinary people with successful careers is that after yrs and yrs of staying in their respective fields, a bit of egoistic trait develops in them which sometimes mars their ability to keep fulfilling their ever increasing responsibility.However individuals with great intellect do know this aspect of human psyche and therefore stops themselves falling into this trap well before that line after which one simply cant stop.

Brilliant,Extraordinary,Lambent,Glittering and many words like this can be said about Syed Talat Hussain’s career as a journalist.All through his years as a journalist,there has never been a time when i have not watched his shows ,listened to his analysis or read his columns.I may not have agreed to his views all the time but never did i doubt his credibility and intention. Those who follow Talat regularly know Talat’s position about Election Rigging Protests and i may disagree but i do respect his opinion.However where Talat need some attention is that for last one week he has wrote two factually wrong columns.I am still confused that why a credible journalist like Talat will say something factually wrong so either its just a few honest mistakes or else we are losing another extraordinary talent by virtue of a developing obstinate attitude to prove his point

In his column of 9th August 2014 Talat Hussain writes that according to a news report EX ISI Chief Shuja Pasha has met Imran Khan at PTI’s MNA Shafqat Mehmood residence and according to Talat Sb no denial for this news has been given by PTI or by any other source.This starting argument that no denial is given by anyone is factually wrong and unfortunately so is the whole column because he had built the whole case on a factually wrong news report been denied not only by Shafqat Mehmood but also by independent sources.

Link for Talat’s column written on 9th August:


Shafqat Mehmood’s Denial on 8th August 2014:

Similarly Dr Shahid Masood also confirmed from independent agencies that no such meeting took place

This column of 9th August is not the only one but 2nd one this very week where Talat mistakenly presented rumors,manipulated analysis as some facts.In his column of 7th August 2014 Talat sb quoted a column by Zahid Ibrahim which has already been discussed by many people and the weak bogus points within that column was brought infront of people not only by some bloggers but also by FAFEN who infact criticized Zahid Ibrahim for misinterpreting them

Talat’s column of 7th August 2014:


In this column talat writes
ایکسپر یس ٹر یبو ن میں گز شتہ انتحا بات کے بارے میں دس حقا ئق کے نام سے آرٹیکل لکھنے کے بعدزاہدا براہیم کے خلا ف سوشل میڈیا پرطوفان بد تمیزی مچا وہ ہم جیسے صحا فیوں کے لئے نیا یقینا نہیں ہے ۔

مگر اس متین قا نون دان کو اس رد عمل نے بُری طرح کو فت میں مبتلا کردیا۔ مجھے ایک پیغام میں انہوں نے لکھا کہ “مجھے ویسے ہی محسو س ہو رہا ہے۔جب میں نے ضیا ءالحق کے خلا ف 1986میں اپنا پہلا کا لم لکھا تھا تب ہراساں کئے جانے کے طریقے اور تھے اب اورہیں”۔ مسلئہ زاہد ابراہیم کی رائے کا نہیں نہ ہی اُس کے نا م اور نسبت کا ہے ۔ اصل مصیبت یہ ہے کہ ہر کوئی حقا ئق صرف اپنی پسند کے مطا بق ترا شنا چا ہتا ہے۔ زاہدابرا ہیم کے آر ٹیکل میں بڑافلسفہ نہیں تھا اُس نے گزشتہ انتحا بات میں مبینہ دھا ندلیوں کے مقدموں کو انتخا بی ٹر بیو نلز کے ذریعے نپٹا نے کی رفتا ر اور کاگردگی سے متعلق اعدا دو شما ر پیش کئے تھے

It appears from his column that he is quoting some hard facts from Zahid Ibrahim whereas the truth is that it was simply an analysis by Zahid Ibrahim and critics may argue that being son of EX ECP chairperson Fakhru Bhai, Mr Ibrahim is probably not the most neutral person who can analyze the elections that were held under his own Father.

FAFEN issued a clarification that was published in same express tribune a day later on 6th August

FAFEN’s Clarification:


This is apropos the article titled “Ten truths about electoral rigging” by Zahid F Ebrahim published on August 4. The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) submits that the writer has misrepresented FAFEN’s election observation findings and has not made a distinction between his own opinion and the FAFEN’s data and analyses.

It was so clear that the column of Zahid Ibrahim was his personal analysis and after FAFEN’s clarification,Zahid Ibrahim himself accepted that in a tweet on 6th August 2014



Two detailed rebuttals to Zahid Ibrahim were published in Express Tribune where the authors gave convincing arguments against Ibrahim’s analysis and drawing their own conclusions.

Rebuttal By Dr Awab:


Another author Ali Ahmed used the same data that Zahid Ibrahim based his analysis and came up with his own analysis and conclusions which were exactly opposite to what Mr Zahid drew.

Link Of ALi Ahmed Conclusions about Election rigging:


The point of sharing all this here is that same data can be used by different people for different interpretations and as a journalist of Talat’s calibre he shouldnt present an individual conclusions as Facts ..If Talat wanted to quote Zahid Ibrahim’s analysis,he is free to do so but he cant call them as FACTS.

Having said all, i still have no doubt on Talat’s intentions or his credibility and this is just an attempt to make him stop well before the point from where he can never come back.Honest mistakes happen and my faith in Talat Sb will be more than ever if he could simply accept his mistake and acknowledge it in his column or at least in a tweet . Afterall we are all humans and there is a first time for everything 🙂

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With 64% of the total population and 47% of the registered voters below the age of 35 years ,its now pretty obvious that the result of this next elections and probably the fate of this nation lies in the hands of youth. The question however one tends to ask is that if Youth was that important a player, why over all these years it had been neglected by our governments? Why they have never shown interest in investing in this stupendous human resource? The Governments will spend billions on some useless scheme and project but never did they make any serious attempt to empower our youth.

In the last decade or so ,we have seen that it was only Imran Khan who had been stressing upon the importance of youth in general and especially in politics while others were of the view that Imran is wasting his time in his efforts to politicize them .However when other parties realized that PTI has been able to give voice to this silent majority and youth, they too jumped in and since then has been trying hard to impress this youth element with various gimmicks .However the challenges and problems faced by youth today are grave ones and “Lollipops Schemes” may help in getting some votes but will never bring any long lasting change in the current scenario. In such desperate times for Youth it was necessary for Imran Khan and PTI to announce their policy for the youth so that one could know that whether this Youth Mantra by PTI is just a rhetoric slogan or PTI does really have any intention to bring a Youth Revolution

On 4th November 2012, PTI presented its youth policy in an electrifying Youth Convention. The Youth Policy was made by a Youth Task Force consisting of some of the brightest youth members of PTI. The Policy was presented by 4 youth representatives in front of the top PTI leadership and thousands of enthusiastic PTI supporters. Overall PTI Youth Policy seems to be a plan that will possibly empower youth on permanent basis .

It was announced that at least 25% of the parliamentary tickets will be allotted to youth which is a remarkable step for political empowerment of youth. Two seats will be reserved in every Union Council and Village Council (1 male and 1 female)who will be called as Youth Councilors .Youth Parliament will be an elected body and it will serve as the nursery to groom future leadership for Pakistan.

In order to ensure equality among all socio-economic classes, it was announced that uniform education curriculum will be introduced throughout Pakistan. Education budget will be increased from 1.8% of GDP to 5% of GDP. The number of youth to benefit from vocational training to be increased from 300K to 2 million per annum. Similarly 2 million new jobs per annum will be created for the youth so that by end of 5 years term at least 10 million new jobs will be there to solve the unemployment problem.

A new autonomous institution “National Youth Foundation” linked with ministry of Human Resource will be established and it will work for the betterment of youth . Jawan Markaz will be formed at both Tehsil and Union Council Level. Jawan Markaz will have a comprehensive data of their region and they will deal with all problems of the youth at their local level.

The announcement of youth policy is definitely a peerless and timely step by PTI but it has also brought forward a few challenges not only for its opponent political parties but also for PTI itself.

It’s a definite challenge for PPP and PML_N as both parties havent been able to provide the youth with any direction. For PPP the name of Bhutto wont work for this youth as been born in post Bhutto era, most of them doesn’t relate themselves to ‘bhutto’ or ‘anti-bhutto’ phenomenon.. For PML-N this youth policy will also pose a challenge as till now Punjab Govt has been more interested in political gimmicks of Laptops and 3 months paid internships schemes than giving any serious thought on issues of education and job creation.

The Challenge for PTI is also huge. Being young alone can never be a criteria for getting a ticket and unless one is competent enough nobody can be awarded ticket just for the reason that he/she happens to fall in the age group of 24-35 yrs. The commitment that at least 25% of tickets will be awarded to youth will mean that PTI will have to work extra hard in finding brilliant and consummate young guns who have got some sort of electability too. Its true that Imran Khan has succeeded in politicizing the youth and today youth is highly enlightened about politics. However what is yet to be seen is that have we reached the stage where this Youth is also willing to come forward in constituency politics and risk their lives and professional careers for an honest political career.

Last but not least there is an intriguing challenge for youth too that will they be able to deliver to the expectations that PTI,Imran khan and this nation have developed with them or they will disappoint everyone by repeating the mistakes that their elders have made in last three decades. The first test for the Youth will be the next General Elections where their voting trend for various political parties will show how bright or dim our future may be. .

As Hervert Hoover said and I quote:
“Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die”

The War against corruption and injustice may be declared by Imran Khan but in order to win it,its the youth that has to fight alongside him.Youth has to realize its potential and should try to avoid any kind of egocentric attitude. Its time for youth to forget self-interests and should work for the collective good of the society as its their future that is at stake here.

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Media Wants People To Behave Like This


An English poet and a renowned scholar Thomas Grey says in his poem

“ where ignorance is bliss,’ tis folly to be wise’

I was never able to understand the importance of these words until I started to read Irfan Saddique’s Columns in Daily Jang. His column printed on 5th October 2012 is yet another masterpiece of him. After giving it a read, I wished that it would have been better had I not known the real facts and therefore wouldn’t have got disturbed by the fact that in our media some self proclaimed analysts and columnists can get away so easily with blatant lies and distortion of facts.

Here is the link for his column :


Irfan Saheb seems to be a very great fan of Obama and right at the start of column he shows his concern that perhaps this Peace Activists that have come from UK and USA may have come on guidance of Republicans to use this Anti-Drones slogan against Obama .Now this happens when someone is not an expert on International Politics and is just trying to confuse people by putting forward conspiracy theories in the mind of readers. Now for information of Irfan Saddique Saheb, the latest Pew survey says that majority i.e 62% of US citizens support drone attacks in Pakistan and so anti-drones slogan is not going to make somebody popular back in US. Also if you go into the detail of Pew Survey it says that 74% of REPUBLICANS support drone strikes as compared to 54% of the DEMOCRATES which means that drone strikes are even more popular in Republicans and therefore any organization like Code Pink who have been rallying in all parts of the world against drone strikes has nothing to do with US Elections or their politics

Here is the link of survey that got published in Dawn today:


Another interesting point in this survey was that only 2 countries in the whole world have their majority supporting drone strikes in Pakistan and they are US & India.The Pakistanis who still support these strikes should rethink about their stance considering the recent researches that have been published internationally exposing the so called accuracy of Drone strikes.

PEW Survey on Drone Strikes

Irfan Saddique says that Salim Safi is “Harf-e-Aakhir” in all matters that are related to Tribal area. Well I don’t agree with it and at some other time I will give my reasons but for now let us accept Irfan Saddique Saheb’s opinion .So Saleem Safi who is a “Harf-e-Aakhir” for Saddique saheb writes in his column on 9th April 2011.

A year Back Saleem Safi gave a proposal which is exactly what PTI is doing by arranging a Peace March but now Safi has changed his track

Has Saleem Safi Forgotten his Own Words??

Source Of saleem Safi’s Column in Daily Jang :

Now please can anyone tell me isn’t PTI doing exactly what Saleem Safi the “Harf-e-Aakhir” of Irfan Saddique proposed in his column a year ago? Isnt PTI trying to take Local and International media to Tribal area so that everyone can know the plight of the people living in Tribal area? So why the criticism ? Its because of this Peace March that Tribal Area is already being discussed in International media and a powerful debate is going on about the efficacy of drone strikes and how it is proving to be counter productive.The International media coverage even before the Peace March is good and if Pakistanis succeeded in making it a peaceful and successful March then it will be a historical moment for all of us.



In next part Irfan Saddique leveled some allegations that can certainly tell the readers that either he doesn’t know anything or else he is trying to misguide people intentionally. IK had always been the biggest opponent of the methodology adopted in this WOT and has always raised voice against Drone strikes. This is quite funny on part of Irfan Saddique that a person who was named as ‘Taliban Khan’ for his open criticism against WOT and drone attacks , is been criticized here for not been expressive about drone strikes.

The worst part of todays column is where Irfan Saddique criticizes the Peace Activists that have come from various parts of the world to protest against Drone strikes that kill Pakistanis. He writes:

Clive Smith who is the founder of Reprieve has been fighting for Guantanamo Bay for many yrs now. Reprieve has successfully defended many innocent Muslim prisoners that were held in Guantanamo Bay. These details can be seen on their official website.


Similarly Yvonne Ridley who got her visa rejected by UK high Commission and couldn’t join the Peace March was the first one who brought Aafia Saddique case in limelight by having a combined press conference with IK on Aafia Saddique case.

After that Yvonne Ridley’s organization i.e CagePrisoners made Aafia’s case as part of their campaign and they struggled for her more than our very own govt. Details can be seen here:


The point of sharing these details is that why is Irfan Saddique trying to malign these peace activists to make them look like as part of some hidden agenda in the eyes of naïve Pakistani public who for years have been misguided by some real bad journalism.

I would have never taken the pain of writing this rebuttal had he written something on politics as for that one can ignore. However this is a matter of national interest and a great opportunity for Pakistanis to make public opinion of west in favor of them. Unfortunately this rebuttal won’t mean much as this will reach to an audience of a max few hundred people while his blatant lies and distorted facts reaches out to millions everyday through print media. It puts extra responsibility on other fellow journalists who should expose such propaganda pieces. I respect ones personal opinion and anyone can have difference of opinion but when somebody starts to distort facts just to appease his favorite political party then it shouldn’t be excused.

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Facts That Nusrat Saheb Missed!!

Its rarely a dull day in Pakistan these days. Apart from Pakistan,I don’t think there is another country in this world right now where there is so much activity and conspiracies going around . Every week we have a new scandal breaking through the media and the audience being bored of the previous week’s event starts to follow the latest event forgetting the last one completely as if nothing had happened. A country where current affairs programs have a better rating than dramas shows how much the society has become politicized and secondly how much the quality of our dramas have gone down lately.

The recent scandal involving Malik Riaz and Dr Arsalan ,son of our honorable chief justice is nothing less than a super hit suspense series for the media and its audience. Every evening from 7 to 11 we have at least 30 talk shows discussing this same story with everybody having his own say on the matter. In the course of the events that happened after the appearance of this story, media persons themselves have also become the subject and now questions are being raised on media from many circles. Without going into the details of speculations about media people, I’ll say that all of these media personals should be treated as fair guys unless someone is proven guilty. However at the same time it’s the duty of these media anchors that they should also start taking responsibility of their actions and try their best to leave their personal bias out of their professional duties.

A list of journalists is in circulation over social media for more than a week now where there are names of at least 19 journalists who have allegedly received favors from Malik Riaz.. Today Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas of Bolta Pakistan on Aaj TV did a program on this topic and surprisingly blamed PTI Supporters of coming up with this list and blamed them of spreading it on social media. Following is the link where Nusrat Javed cameup with this allegation

Now let me tell the original facts concerning this alleged list and how Nusrat Saheb missed some very important facts
On 7th June 2012 ,a fake account on the name of Aitzaz Ahsan shared this list on his twitter account saying that he doesn’t know if its authentic or not but wouldn’t be surprised at all if its true.
Here are those tweets:

Tweets Done in the name of Aitzaz

The following is the link that is mentioned in above tweet:

Some more tweets from the same account that were done yesterday on 13th june 2012 after which the user suspended his account on 14th June 2012:
Tweets Done by an Account in name of Aitzaz

The problem with cyber space is that nobody knows if the account on twitter or face book is a genuine one or a fake one so people started sharing it probably thinking that its coming from Aitzaz Ahsan.. Now we can never know who was behind this alleged list but one thing is for sure that probably it wasn’t some PTI supporter who did it as it had also the name of Hassan Nisar in it who has been lately very supportive of the PTI‘s struggle.

Today that list was again shared on various social media sites but this time using some kind of Baharia Letter Heads. Now Mr Nusrat Javed has every right to be disturbed about his name appearing in this alleged list and surely he has every reason to be angry with the people who has wrongly put an allegation on him.However Nusrat’s reaction to it was certainly beyond my understanding as he wrongly accused PTI supporters for spreading this on their facebook pages and used some real harsh words on Live TV for them.

Here are again a few facts that will tell you that this list was never published by any of the official pages of PTI…On the other hand it was shared by many other forums including AAJ TV’s official website where Nusrat Javed himself works.Following are Just few examples:

On AAJ TV Website


On a PML-N Foum “We love PML-N,Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif”

On Azizi Of Dunya Tv forum:

On Jaago Pakistan forum:

On Electronic Media this list was discussed by some journalists too so there is no point of Nusrat Saheb blaming it on PTI that they are the ones who are spreading this unauthenticated list.Have a look at the following clip where Faisal Shakil of Express is discussing the list too.

Similarly Khawaja Asif in todays Capital talkalso mentioned about the list and Hamid Mir claimed that Mazhar Abbas of PFUJ will go in court against Bahria Town for issuing this list on their letter head.Now this claim is a total contradiction of your view point that these are not Bahria Town pads.I honestly dont know which one of you or Hamid Mir is right but what i do know is that you blaming it on PTI supporters is quite laughable to say the least.

The list had Dr Shahid Masood’s name on it too and like Nusrat he must have found this allegation insulting too.However instead of blaming it onto anyone innocent,he investigated into the matter and found that Bahria Town itself was behind this.He also clearly said that PTI supporters has NOTHING to do with this list and they have no part to play in this.Here are the updates from his page.

Dr Shahid Masood also tweets to Nusrat Javed Saheb telling him that there is nothing to blame it on PTI supporters and Bahria ppl were the one behind this.

The whole point of telling these facts was that where I had always criticized PTI supporters of losing their temper with Nusrat Saheb on him calling IK as ‘AdolfK”,Nusrat Javed should also keep in mind that fair analysis is a must for a good journalist . Also Nusrat Saheb should consider for a moment that does it suit someone of his stature to keep calling IK as Adolf Khan ? Can he call Nawaz or Zardari with such names or does freedom of media only applies to IK?

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Dynastic Politics in PTI Or An Act of Misleading Journalism

The hitorical 30th October Jalsa has united the staus quo against PTI

Gone are the days when people used to believe everything that got published in newspapers. Today people double check every information that makes it to newspaper before believing in its authenticity. Its a pity that in our society, we ignore the facts while praising or criticizing someone and usually writes based on our liking and disliking. However facts shouldn’t be distorted especially by the journalists as someone making opinions based on non-factual things loses all his/her credibility.

With PTI’s popularity increasing day by day, we witness many articles and reports being published everyday that have no reality in them. It appears that some beneficiaries of the present corrupt system have finally realized that whatever they may do,they wont be able to make PML-N or PPP look any better in the eyes of people. They therefore have resorted to defame PTI making it look bad and hence try to convince people to discredit this party as well.

There was a news report published in The News on 6th March 2012 by the Investigative Journalist Mr Umar Cheema by the name of “Political parties being run as family limited companies”


Where it has described other parties correctly, it had lots of distortion of facts while describing PTI..Shafqat Mehmood the central information secretary of PTI hence issued a brief clarification that got published in The News of 7th March 2012. However this clarification was accompanied by a rejoinder from Mr Cheema who again tried to convince his readers of few things which are non-factual and based on his own speculations than reality


Without going into detail I will present a few facts that Mr Cheema ignored intentionally or unintentionally whatever the case may be.
Hamid Khan (Senior Vice President PTI) who is one of the leading lawyers of Pakistan and was at the forefront of restoration of judiciary movement is also one of the founding members of PTI. .Mr Cheema claimed that Hamid Khan is Imran Khan’s cousin.Now this being proved a farce lie,Mr Cheema has now taken a new position. He is now saying that Hamid Khan is a distant relative of Imran khan from his maternal side and this relationship has occurred because of some inter-marriages between different families on IK’s maternal side.This argument is certainly quite comical to me.It appears more of gossiping than some serious stuff by an investigative journalist.This argument of Mr Cheema reminded me of an Ali Zafar’s interview with an Indian host. The host asked Ali Zafar that its heard that he is a distant relative of Amir Khan from his maternal side on which Ali was quick to reply that if you consider this as being relatives then half of the population on the earth must be Amir Khan’s relative.

Hamid Khan; The Leader at Forefront of Judicary Movement

Moving forward Hassan case is different as yes he did led ISF for sometime .However here too Mr Cheema distorted a fact when he said that Hassan only left his post because he had to go abroad for study. In reality its not true. Hassan left his post after his scheduled tenure ended and after that worked under the next ISF leadership as ordinary worker. It is also worth mentioning here that Hafiz Farhat and Hassaan were among the founding members of ISF and when it was time for IK to pick a political secretary for him,I K preferred Hafiz Farhat over his nephew. Today ISF chapters are led by competent students like Farrukh Habib,Arsalan Ghumman,Muraad Saeed,Ehsan Naveed,Sher Khan etc .None of them is a related to IK and are on these posts solely on merit .

The most fatuous, inane and frivolous point of the whole report by Mr Cheema was dragging IK’s sister Aleema Khan’s name into politics and to augment his claim ,he says that she is one of the directors at Shaukat Khanum Trust. It is very important to set the record straight here. Aleema Khan has nothing to do with PTI or politics and her only public appearance was back in 2007 when she protested on road against Imran Khan’s arrest by Musharraf. At that time even it was a sister protesting for her brother having nothing to do with PTI.
Shaukat Khanum is a Charity Organization again having nothing to do with PTI and Politics. The directors working at SKMT give away their services on honorary basis and never get a penny from SKMT in return.. Its highly unfair of Mr Cheema that he has brought Aleema Khan’s name into politics when all she is doing is helping poor patients at SKMT.People from all walks of life have been associated with SKMT in one way or another.Children of schools being the biggest support for SKMT..Should we imply that all these Children are also into Politics??

Pepperdine School..SKMT Tigers


Hafizullah Niazi is no office bearer of PTI and is an ordinary worker of PTI. Arguing that he may not have any designation but still may be a man-behind-the-face is a mere speculation on part of Mr Cheema .Comparing case of HafizUllah Niazi with Hamza Shehbaz that both don’t hole any office but still are influential figures within their parties is again a wrong comparison. HafizUllah Niazi is not even a ticket holder of PTI whereas Hamza Shehbaz is not only sitting MNA of Pml-N but is also the de-facto Chief Minister of Punjab. I think Mr Cheema should look again at PML-N and see how a real family party plagued with dynastic trend looks like.
Sharif Family already occupies 10 most important positions in the party. Mian Nawaz Sharif is the president of the party and her wife Kalsoom Nawaz looks into the affairs of women wing. Shehbaz Sharif is CM of Punjab and has the post of President Punjab too.Nawaz and Shehbaz’s half brother senator Ishaq Dar is their parliamentary leader while Captain Safdar who is Nawaz’s son-in-law is head of youth wing .Punjab’s youth wing is headed by Nawaz’s relative Abid Sher Ali..Social Media campaign is run by Maryam Nawaz and she enjoys full protocol of a minister while her Punjab Govt sponsored visits to different girls colleges. Apart from these names many others like Bilal Yaseen, Umar Sohail Butt and many more like them are ticket holders of PML-N.

Sharif Family having all party positions within Them

The ending of Mr Cheema’s report is perhaps the most laughable part. Mr Cheema
Speculates that the only reason imran’s sons are not into politics is because they are still not grown up and had Imran had a brother ,he too would have been in politics..
I’m amazed what stopped Mr Cheema to write that had Imran’s father Ikram Ullah Niazi been alive,he too would have been in politics.

The readers of The News surely deserve better reports from their investigative journalist. If somebody is interested in reading in gossips and speculative analysis then he or she can surely buy a copy of Akhbar-e-Jahan or Khwateen Digest. .For people who are interested in reading real facts should be given Quality News reports based on factual things.I believe that since Daily News/Jang is a serious newspaper it wont make a mistake that it made in 1997 by publishing a fake news about PTI receiving funds from Jamaima’s father .For that news piece the Daily Jang apologized to Imran and PTI after 6 months when elections were over. One should remember that with social media having shown its presence, its the credibility of print and electronic media that is at stake too. I hope after this flaky and facetious news report,Mr Umer Cheema will try to learn a little more from Mr Ansar Abbasi to know how investigative journalism works.

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Yes KHAN Will

Starting an article with a question is always a great idea as by doing this the author does want to look for an answer. George Fulton is known to all of us and a few days ago he wrote an article ‘Yes we Khan’ where he starts of with a question “Would Imran Khan make a good Prime minister of Pakistan?” The question is real simple and for me so does its answer i.e ‘Yes Khan will InshAllah’ The link to the Mr Fulton’s Article:


Like many Pakistanis who like Khan and label him to be a man of great stature but are still somehow not sure about what to make of him as a politician, George too looks undecided. He says about Khan in his writing ‘He is clearly a decent, honorable and a good man, in a country lacking few genuine inspirational role models. Yet, I, like many, still find it hard to support him.’ Its pretty understandable because we Pakistanis can bear all the misdoings of established political parties in form of corruption, failure to deal with domestic and international problems, nepotism etc but in case of Imran Khan and PTI we want an inch perfect thing.

George raised some points that we need to go through and see if they hold any merit. I agree with his point that PTI doesn’t have anyone of the level of Robert Gates and Hilary Clinton in its 2nd tier leadership ranks. However it would have been better had George named a few political figures of Pakistan equivalent to Gates and Ms Clinton and then he could have a point that Imran is not opening his arms for such politicians. Also when he says that ‘PTI is not a party of intellectuals and political heavyweights’ then we need to discuss of what according to him is an intellectual. If by intellectual he meant some person wearing a three piece suit analyzing Pakistani politics on TV with a US nationality, then surely PTI doesn’t need them. I agree that political heavyweights like in parties of Zardaris, Shareefs and Chaudries are reluctant to join PTI and its pretty understandable. Why would a person whose only aim to do politics is to expand his land and business will ever want to be part of PTI knowing that Chairperson of this party wont allow him any favor to do such misdoings. Khan is hoping for an advent of clean politics. Khan has been able to convey the message to the people about the difference between clean politics and dirty politics. The impact of enlightenment in masses about issues is so great that its forcing honest and clean politicians from other parties to leave their corrupt leadership and support PTI in their anti status quo mission. Such people are either joining PTI or are willing to be part of any Imran led alliance.

However one very interesting aspect of PTI that George missed was how a new young leadership is being nurtured by Imran. The Insaf students federation is not at all like a traditional students wing that other parties have. It has elected presidents in all provinces with their own offices. They are in constant touch with Imran khan himself .They are allowed to speak in front of thousands of people in public meetings and their opinions are heard by leadership. This new leadership will be one day be ready to take on the blue-eyed next generation of present political heavyweights.

Moving on to the statement of Khan that he gave in his interview with Guardian “The old parties are all petrified of me now. They all want to make alliances with me and I say: ‘No, I’m going to fight all of you together because you’re all the same.” .George feels that Khan’s pronouns should change from ‘I’ to ‘we’ or ‘us’. Well interestingly going through the whole interview one would find that George’s wish was granted in the very same interview as not once but many times Khan used ‘we’ and ‘us’ in describing the chances of PTI in next elections e.g Khan said in same interview and I quote “”Every poll has shown the gap widening between us and other parties.”

Similarly when we remember Khan’s speech after winning the world cup ,where clearly he was lost for words ,we should also remember his Cornered Tigers speech in the very same world cup where he used a ‘WE’ in every sentence. Statements of leaders having an ‘I’ in them is not always bad. A leader uses ‘I’ when he wants to set an example for his followers. The Muslim history tells us that our leaders used to lead by example. They would come and say ‘I will fight the evil however strong it may be. Those who are with me against this evil should come with me’ and the people followed.

Reading too much into statements and drawing conclusion from them is often misleading. Its advisable that we should look into the actions of an individual to draw conclusions. As George said ‘We need leaders who can develop teams, parties and institutions’ ,I believe that this is what Imran stands for. He made an invincible cricket team in 80’s. A team that never lost a single test match against India while winning plenty , A team that stood level with the Mighty Windies of 80’s..Apart from cricket he formed a great team in form of Imran Khan Foundation who since its creation has done tremendous work in Pakistan. He has then formed two world class institutions in form of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust and NAMAL University. He times and again have said that PTI will be an institution .Seeing his track record and knowing that many chapters of PTI recently held a genuine intra-party elections, we have every indication that PTI would rise as a true political party.

About withdrawal from US WOT and will it stop Pakistan’s homegrown problems. The answer is not an obvious Yes but there is a strong probability that the madness will stop. The tribesmen of Tribal belt were the first one to support Pakistan’s creation. They were termed as ‘My army without Uniform’ by Quaid-e-Azam, they were the ones that stood with Pak army against talibans in the initial part of WOT.. The problem started when our military couldn’t isolate militants among civilians and started some unwelcomed operations. The whole situation got even worse when Drone attacks increased massively and as a result huge number of innocent civilians including women and children got killed. We somehow managed to push away our tribesmen. They are not with Talibans but don’t trust the present governmentt either. With someone like Imran as PM, these people will once again start to look towards the state and thus isolation of militants will occur in these regions.. After that getting them to lay down arms or even neutralizing them will be an easy task.

After BB’s assassination, Imran is the only leader right now who has an image of a national leader. All other leaders are somehow seen as representing one province or another. Zardari is seen as someone representing Sindhis, Nawaz as a representative of Punjabis, Asfandyar as someone representing Pakhtoons while Altaf being taken as a leader of Urdu Speaking. The ethnic divide within the country can only end when u have someone with an image of a National Leader. The polarization that’s increasing in our society can also end with Nation seeing him as a prime minister as he is one individual who is acceptable to a Madrasa student as well as to a student of an Elite English Medium School.

The problem with Pakistan right now is that everyone is waiting inside their homes or outside Pakistan for Imran Khan to either succeed or fail. Not many are trying to help him to succeed so that failure doesn’t remain an option. If u are a serious talent, then u shouldn’t be afraid to come into politics and do some good for next generation rather just keep yourself limited to your life. It’s the people who have to decide that do they want a Pakistan where they want to see an end to family politics or they are ready to leave Pakistan at the mercy of these few families ruling us for decades now.

I still remember the column that George wrote when he left Pakistan. I always feel sad when I hear any of my friend leaving Pakistan after being disappointed with how things are right now. For me and many other educated, skilled professionals, Khan has emerged as the ray of hope that’s keeping us stay in this beautiful country. We are hopeful and so should all of the other countrymen.

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